Depth: Exclusive resolve love Chi U5 electric drive technologies and vehicle platforms

December 19, 2019, its first car love Chi A + grade high-end electric SUV shocked the market in Wanning, Hainan, and at the same time start to deliver on a global scale. It launched a total of 4 new car models, priced at 19.79-29.21 after the subsidy million. Different configurations of vehicles loaded with different capacity battery pack, NEDC overall battery life are the 403, 503 and 623 kilometers, more life choose to meet more consumer demand for cars.

love Chi U5 listed a total of four models, length and breadth were 4680 * 1865 * 1700mm, wheelbase is 2800mm, power also are based on a maximum power of 140 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum torque of 315 Nm. The difference is mainly reflected in the four models of pure electric vehicles and battery life configuration.

article for the New Energy Intelligence Analysis Network original release, love Chi U5 electric drive technology first used in electric vehicles, vehicle platforms, power battery thermal management strategy and open cockpit many series of articles critical information such as air conditioning and refrigeration mode mileage.

1, Chi love electrical drive adapted U5 technical characteristics:

Red Arrow: “2 maximum power of 6.4 kilowatts of OBC + PDU configuration 1 “charging module

white arrows: DCDC + integrated drive motor control module” 2 in 1 “of high-voltage system assembly

the green arrow: start battery

[123 ] blue arrow: drive motor, “2 in 1” charging module, “2 in 1” and the high voltage power system assembly cockpit common ventilation system maker fluid circulation line

yellow arrow: battery temperature and low temperature heat preheating system common pot fluid circulation line

U5 adapted love Chi drive motor assembly is provided by Borg Warner, the drive motor control integration is provided by the joint electron and DCDC. Provided by Hangzhou Xinrui Technology OBC (on-board charger) maximum power of 6.4 kilowatts and integrate with the PDU.

For the love Chi U5, purchasing the same brand and provided OBC PDU “2 in 1” charging assembly, but also for the structure, cooling, maintenance costs and vehicle performance compromise setting.

ABS plastic boot (red arrow), “2 in 1” and a high voltage power system, “2 in 1” charging battery tray module aliquots the system is placed on the aluminum alloy frame, is still a more dominant lightweight design demands.

Love Chi U5 battery thermal management system, the use of a PTC module group (low temperature preheating) and the water cooled panels 1 group 2 group of electronic modules and the configuration of the pump circulation line. U5 battery thermal management system uses a double-effect water-cooled board module, perform the cooling water cooled panels in the double-effect power battery module and thermal management of the conduit through the air conditioning refrigerant coolant heat exchanger, through the PTC heater heating the coolant conduit , then heating

by a double effect and the water cooled panels power battery module coolant heat pipe thermal management

U5 Cobb music provided by PTC (7 maximum power kW) for the battery to provide warm air and heating the air conditioning heat, warm heat and heat added by the three-way valve regulating cell coolant flow and to control the PTC heating power regulator

general point of view, the power preheating temperature requirements cell assembly requires no more than 30 degrees Celsius (15-20 degrees Celsius mostly); cockpit air conditioning systems require a heating temperature of 85 ° C, mostly demand.

for a vehicle (electric drive system, “2 in 1” charging assembly, “2 in 1” of high-voltage system assembly) Electrical Control System and cooling rehydration ventilation system maker, battery thermal management system and rehydration pots, set together by physical means. In fact, these two groups did not mark the fluid pressure of the pot alone.

adapted to the U5 Love Chi group 1 i-boost from Bosch, second-generation integrated electro-hydraulic brake master cylinder. Eliminating the use of multiple pump models EV + + master cylinder outlet valve technology, with the braking force attenuating high altitude area of ​​failure. And to provide for EV vehicles”Seamless connection” more linear electric energy recovery with a mechanical braking force feel like fusion.

2, love Chi U5 adapted models of aluminum on a steel platform:

Compared to Xiaopeng electric vehicle launch and Weimaraner steel body with different architectures, U5 using Chi love steel vehicle platform of aluminum to maintain a certain weight.

Compared to Wei and electric vehicles Tesla Release all green body with different architectures, love Chi steel of aluminum vehicle platform U5 includes using a relatively simple maintenance convenience and cost.

U5 love Chi as the first car developed using forward mode (2800mm wheelbase setting Chi U5 of love, which can not determine with the sale of fuel in the car or EV car of comparable size), and the electric drive system, the center cell assembly and 2/4 power setting drive into account. The front portion of the power compartment aluminum material tends lightweight, rugged tend to adopt the cockpit of steel, not only to ensure the safety of occupants and passive power battery assembly, but also can reduce maintenance costs and improve the aluminum component maintenance convenience .

The picture shows the front compartment love Chi U5 force on

portion close-up detail.

The enclosure is welded directly to the front portion of the vehicle body welded Integration Architecture (red arrow) for carrying a radiator, a condenser, a cooling fan assembly. At the same time ensure lightweight, when subjected to impact from the front, the better to protect the cabin power subsystems safety, reduce maintenance costs to upgrade high-voltage electricity system security.

The front side frame plate aluminum material, is mainly used to heat fixing assembly, the front side member crumple zone (individually removable), and the front bumper collision sensor backbone .

Red Arrow: aluminum sill lining material

yellow arrow: bolted to a front bumper bracket

On FIG. a front side frame plate crush love Chi U5 front side frame can be separately removable area “weld scale” in close-up detail (yellow arrows).

around the anchorage body welding and key connection areThis architecture welded ribbed. Obviously, this lightweight structure + security settings, commonly used in the Audi and SAIC-GM-Cadillac high-end models.

Perhaps, this technology is set and love Chi executives come from Audi and SAIC-GM-related.

The front suspension details close

The figure is U Chi love.

blue arrow: aluminum alloy material before the knuckle

yellow arrow: A swing arm type

Red Arrow: H-steel sub-frame

[123 ] after

Photo love Chi U5 123] on [1 suspension close-up detail.

Red Arrow: receiving a battery pack B of the storage box assembly

yellow arrow: link B cell module package vehicle high voltage cable end interfaces

The green arrow: the steel sub-frame

blue arrow: the steel arm

white arrow: after pulling arm steel

Photo love

on after 2 Chi U5 suspension close-up detail.

still use a knuckle (red arrow) the aluminum alloy material after relaxation U5 love, but does not have the drive axle of the rear space after the drive motor is mounted, is disposed. In other words, love is a Taiwan Chi set front-wheel drive mid-size electric SUV U5 is.

The author notes, love Chi U5 front subframe, a battery sub-frame assembly and the front end of the center post, the entire package is a plastic guard.

Red Arrow: fender front subframe

yellow arrow: Power guard cell assembly

As U5 love Chi first production model, the “steel of aluminum, “the vehicle body frame, and front and rear suspension knuckle facelift aluminum alloy, using a” reduced unsprung mass “lightweight setting. Subsequent introduction of models will continue to use “of aluminum on steel” vehicle platform, and extends new models of different sizes (wheelbase), different drive modes.

As for the “steel of aluminum” vehicle platform technology, not only inReducing the power consumption of 100 km combined weight requirements, as well as more critical is the absolute security of the cockpit and maintenance performance ratio.

I have something to say:

love technology and electric drive vehicle platform strategy Chi lightweight U5 of view, outsourcing of electrical drive technology, with hardware vendors to enhance the level, in new models and control strategies for a vertical self-developed alternatives; “steel of aluminum” platform technology model, not just for the first car U5, become the basis of a subsequent set of modifications or new models.

Obviously, for an electric car, the love Chi R & D line U5 is very clear, with the best at one’s own “repairer” technology, and provided by a third party and frequent replacement of electric drive technology want to take combined to ensure balanced safety, quality and performance. After the text will Love

Chi Hainan more charge-discharge efficiency of traffic throughout the depth of analysis U5 open mode in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Text / New Energy Intelligence Analysis Network Song Nan

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