Did you lie to them? Briefly speaking, the appearance is in the comfortable car

Nowadays, in order to show themselves in the vast competition, the model is designed to be more and more moved, and even some of them. The degree of speaking does not match its product itself.

In fact, there is no meaning that is degraded, but it feels that this strategy of car enterprises come to ordinary consumers. It is said that most buyers are not a driver every day, and they just want to make a storm, but actually open a comfortable car.

Master 5

Since the acquisition of MG since the acquisition of MG, the products launched very focused on sports, such as the early days of launching, 5. When the car was just in the world, I went up the Mercedes-Benz sign P, and the result was no violation, especially the front of the head, and even the temperament of the AMG GT sports car. It can be seen that the model design of the March 5 is extremely aggressive.

But actually like its positioning, 100,000 yuan budget sedan It is only a fierce, attracting young people, and the motivation level and even the whole driving experience is actually very ordinary. For example, it is equipped with 1.5L natural intake engine, the maximum horsepower 120, with manual or CVT transmission, main Or the oil saving, smooth, and the movement is not sneak at all.

If the power level is desired to stand the shape, there is a slightly good 1.5 The T engine can be selected, the maximum horsepower 173, of course, the price will rise high.

Wey vv7

When VV7 is just launched, I am very fascinated, the headlights are slender, like narrowing your eyes. . The front face gives a sense of breath, and the high waistline design makes the side of the body very dynamic, plus the large-sized hub, and the four-bilateral exhaust pipe, simply 360 degrees without dead angles, there is a large performance The pattern of steel cannon.

While VV7 is equipped with a 2.0T engine maximum output 227 horsepower and 387 Nm But unfortunately, it may be sufficient to say that the power level can only be used due to the large weight of the vehicle, and the transmission efficiency is more general.

But in fact, this is a good thing, after all, its target group is hope to buy one The appearance of the outside is a gentle car. If you really put it into a V6 engine with a harder chassis, will someone pay for money?

Xiaopeng P7

This is a very topical car, People who like people will be fascinated, they don’t like it, they will think it is like it.

However, it is actually the official emphasizes how the motion of P7 has, causing this phenomenon. It can only be said that the designer successfully “brought”, because this very beautiful and dynamic shape, and those millions of high-performance four-door coupe did not fall, so the fans think soilly, it Sports performance can also be hit at the same level.

The driving feeling of “electric small steel gun” is different. In fact, P7 is very smooth, and the power is of course very powerful, but the gentle steering and comfortable chassis will not Let the driver produce a strong fierce driving desire, or a comfortable car suitable for home.

Today, this topic, the spindle position must be left Domestic BMW 3 Series. “Ultimate Driving Machine”, I also remember to remember the 3-Series of this slogan. The BMW 3 Series of the upper generation is undoubtedly the intersection or domestic, and its handling and sports temperament have no doubt, even in the same level, it is the existence of the benchmark, but the changing personality has turned a big turn, order Many BMW fans can’t prevent it.

The shape design of this generation Brilliance BMW 3 Series is of course very successful, both inheriting The essence of the past generation has also become more young, especially if the M kit is assembled, even more motion than the upper generation M3. However, the bones are completely greasy oriented, the soft suspension is equipped with a vague steering, although it creates a relaxed and soothing driving atmosphere, but also makes dynamic responding to a big discount, lacking the very unique refreshing manipulation of the past 3 Series.

I don’t think this generation of domestic BMW 3 Series is for comfortable and sacrificing sports. Because many of the competitions can be pinched in place now, I hope that after the mid-term change will be experienced, the familiar “taste” can be met again and consumers.

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