Do not mention car Keangkewei price promotions send Hao Li

Recently, the Shanghai GM Buick 4S shop do not Keangkewei promotions, selling price, nowadays car maximum discount of $ 100,000, colors, ample car now, to have the opportunity to go into the store to get more cash benefits, interested friends can test drive to store detailed consultation, specific benefit information below, you can enjoy the Genius service at the same time.

preferential margin

is now ample car

[] 2019, paragraph 123 20T drive two elite (1.5T)


2019, paragraph

20T two-drive luxury (1.5T)

[ ample 123] 234 900

electric instrument

↓ 10 Wan

are cars

21.49 Wan

24.49 Wan

electric instrument

electric instrument

is now ample car

[] [] 2019, paragraph 123 123 28T-wheel-drive all-around sports flagship (2.0T)

30.99 Wan

electric meter [123 ]

is now ample car

appearance, the new 2019 models of the Buick family Ang Kewei adopted a new family design language, mainly for its front and rear optimized. The new front grille with flying wing shape is more elegant on the lower grille makes the car look more upscale, more refined. The rear, the new design is more three-dimensional shape of the tail, followed by the bumper shape and taillights Lianwei integrally with the large chrome, so that the vehicle rear styling and echoes.

activity models (2019 models Ang Kewei) guidance OUR PRICE [ 123]
22.49 Wan electric instrument ↓ 10 Wan are cars
[] 2019, paragraph 123 20T two drive leading type ( 1.5T)
electric instrument ↓ 10 Wan is now ample car 2019 Luxury four-wheel drive models 20T (1.5T)
electric instrument ↓ 10 Wan is now ample car [1Sufficient 23] [] 2019, paragraph 123 28T AWD Elite (2.0T) 26.49 Wan
↓ 10 Wan are cars 2019, paragraph 28T luxury four-wheel drive (2.0T) 28.49 Wan
↓ 10 Wan [123 ] ↓ 10 Wan
Interior: Do not use the iconic Keangkewei 360 surrounded by integrated cockpit design, to the driver as the center console, all control buttons fingertips and; interior features previously only seen in luxury cars piano paint materials, richer lighting effects at different angles; combined with deep burgundy or black swallowtail interior color, the same color and double stitching technology, the overall sense of luxury strong.

Dynamic aspects: Based on the new platform to build a new generation of 2.0T SIDI turbocharged direct injection engine, may output 191kW / 5500rpm maximum power and 353Nm / 2200-5300rpm maximum torque, the official said Ang Kewei hundred kilometers in just 8.4 seconds, with such a powerful engine matching is a new 6-speed DSS intelligent start-stop transmission, shift very smooth and fast .

Our commitment: offer 100,000 yuan during the

1. activities.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities.

3. The Company solemn promise during the event the Company to purchase any sales models can enjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

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