Domineering is rampant, the iron man is tender – Chevrolet pioneers can’t do it?

For test drive, often our time is very limited, the first feeling will also relative to one side. And this time, we can get along with Chevrolet three days. Although it is still too short compared to the true owner, in these three days, we have a more than conventionally more Deep experience.

The hand is looked around, and we have found it smoothly. Because the street is more noisy, it makes it a “landmark building” in a moment.

The body is tall and slender, large size bright hub, black label, red “RS” tail, which is the impression of it when it meets.


When we press the unlock button on the key, we will officially start with the days of the traveler trailer.

When you just get on the bus, there will be some unknown measures. Because in its strong appearance, there is a delicate “inner”. Compared to our early early detection of the interiors of the US car, the internal orientation in front of me is a qualitative change.

Just this month, the Interior upgrades of the Interior upgrade tribute to the more vitality, more motion of Alcantara material, which makes it yet newborn. Since then, we can choose the frost ash, maple red, bamboo brown, blue, and a total of five colors for interior upgrades. After upgrading, the front and rear door panels, instrumentation tables, steering wheels, seats, and armrests in the car will get the corresponding color. From this, comfort and personalization will be significantly improved.

The designer of Chevrolet Blazers is very awake, and it is clear how to pay, which makes it in the interior without indulging, and has not put down the classic.

At this moment, when we experience the coziness brought by interiors, the eyes are visible to the car, can’t help but think of a word, usedIt is very suitable for it.

How to understand “Tie Han Teng” on the trainee trainee?

From the interior layout and material materials, even the seat venting heating, the steering wheel heating, we feel its tenderness; from both sides of the liquid crystal meter Mechanical pointer, air-conditioned air outlet rotation temperature regulation, unfained control buttons, internal upgrades, tentacle ALCANTARA materials, etc., it is to show us the side of Tiehan.

Down to pull the RS identifier, it is, although it is an automatic gear, we still feel that the versatile feeling is in the trip.

How long does it take to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, find a chance to be alone.

From the figure, the full version of the Chevrolet Blazers is 4999 mm, with a width of 1953 mm, and the height is equipped with a 18 inch-21 inch wheel. Different, there is slight gap.

The car we got was “the canyon ash” color, when we walked into the look, the feeling of “Iron Han Jingqing” came again. In the huge body, the paint uses pearled ingredients, significantly improves the sense of advanced. In addition, the body has an angular design that allows it as a piece of crystal ore, especially in the illumination of the sun.

The waistline design of Chevrolet Blazers is also a bit of Jinjin. From the head to the B column, it is still a well-known waistline design, and the B-column is designed to the car tail, then firmly grasped our attention: the waist line began to rise after the B column, reaching the c-column Become two waistlines, one continues to rise toward the D column, and the other is in contact with the taillight. Such design is both new tide and weird.

Let’s talk about the conclusion, driving ChevroletWhen the trailer, it is still able to feel its “Tiehan Tenderness”. On the one hand, it is in power, as well as the innovation breakthrough in technology; and on the other hand, it is the true feeling of hardware equipment, technology blessings and atmospheres.

On the bus press, Chevrolet trailer uses a new generation of MYLINK + smart car interconnection system and supports OTA feature. According to the measured, the touch response of the shutter screen is relatively fast, including rich features such as travel assistance, car setting, mobile phone interconnection, according to our actual use, Chevrolet trailer’s car machine frequency is high The length of operation is low, which reflects the practicality and convenience of the machine content.

For example, when the owner enters the car inside the car, click “Separate” on the car, or connected to Carplay / Carlife A pleasant trip started. If you are not familiar with the road, just wake up the voice system, the navigation system in the car is ready. At the same time, the speech recognition system can be well-known, so that we can drive the vehicle more focused, not only convenient, but also improves safety.

In addition, we only need to move your fingers for the vehicle upgrade. The remote OTA upgrade feature will clear us in the car, and the operation is done according to the unit.

In driving, Chevrolet Blazers left a deep impression, of which three driving experiences were produced, and we summarize them as: medium and low speed The chariot, speeding up like a car, during the high-speed driving.

From the actual feel, we drive in the middle and low speeds, its body is very stable, with the high body and good vision, so that we are confident. At the same time, under the protection of all the security configurations of all standard, we don’t light to accurately determine the body position through the central control screen, or you can predict the danger through a rare manner: the seat vibration.

When we accelerate, you will be surprised to find that the huge SUV model can still bring a strong backing, and the power is comfortable and fast. It can have such a hearty acceleration pleasure, thanked its 2.0T intelligent change cylinder turbine engine +9 speed automatic transmission, maximum power 237 hp, maximum torque 350 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. From the configuration, you may have doubts: “Is this configuration really as you said?”

The answer is hidden in its black technology upgrade. Chevrolet Blazers’ gearbox is quite high, including more than 60 patented technologies, shifting fast, with

torque high, and has strong reliability. In addition, the teeth of the nine gear were allocated reasonable and wider, and we can enter 9-stop when they reach 95 kilometers per hour, or they can quickly match to the maximum force point when they are intense.

When we cruise in China, the power of Chevrolet Pioneer ANC active noise reduction system began to appear, and our auditory feast was done “Qingfang Work.” Then, the BOSE Theater-level audio system started to bring our excellent auditory experience.

In the body experience, Chevrolet trains traveled like gallop in the track. Although we will encounter the insequence of the road, it can also isolate the discomfort. This is benefited from the chassis created by the world’s large luxury SUV platform, and uses the five-link independent suspension system. In addition to our more comfortable ride, it can ensure accurate handling.

In the thinking experience, driving Chevrolet trailers do not produce too many

driving tension. The reason is not only the sensation of the above-mentioned body stability, and the 22 full-functional electronic stabilization systems and 13 smart driving assistance systems equipped in the car are at any time. Ride comfort + control fromRong + technology blessing + entertainment, these four upgrades will inevitably bring us a better travel experience.

Speaking here, our doubts have only fuel consumption. When we get the car, the fuel is added to the full cylinder until it is returned, the oil gauge pointer only lowers, and the 10-kilometer fuel consumption on the dashboard is 8.2 liters. In these three days, we have experienced the congestion of the city, and the long-term idle speed during static shooting, as well as the continued emergency acceleration in dynamic shooting, urgently deceleration. Although there is no need to drive all the weather, the distance between driving can be approximately equal to the situation in our daily city commute, even more radical.

The good fuel consumption is achieved, thanks to Chevrolet Trail, using the same level leader technology. The ECOTEC 2.0T engine uses Tripower variable valve management technology and has three working modes. In a specific condition, there is a “closed cylinder” function, which provides two-cylinder explosion mode, four-cylinder economic model, and four-cylinder pattern.

At the same time, after our test, it is difficult to detect the traces left when it switched mode, that is, it does not feel the jitter, nor will it make the power generation. obvious change. In addition, after the blessing of the ATM intelligent heat management system, DVVT double variable valve timing system, the non-grade variable displacement oil pump, the engine can do more efficient work in more secure cases, Lower emissions, as well as better fuel economy.

Finally, we arrived at the date, Chevrolet development I have left a deep impression for us. Maybe whenever SUV, we think that it is rough, but after the trails of Chevrolet, it does not light, it does not only eliminate the bad impression of the American car to work coarse and high fuel consumption, but also bringing us iron. A tenderness, this is indeed very surprising.

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