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Beijing Dongfeng Honda Group Buy 4S Store Auto Trading Co., Ltd. [Flagship Store] We strive to perfect service – do good, professional and continued – do special, speed and efficiency – do big, innovation and change – do Strong, but also adhering to the “business pursuit of integrity, price pursuit of reasonable, cooperative pursuit of win-win, service pursuit satisfaction”. The company implements accurate management, the sales team has been professional training, with the first principle of integrity, the customer’s first principle provides high-quality car service and after-sales service. Welcome everyone to come to the test drive, discount 40,000

[123 ]).

Dongfeng Honda XRV quotation form


2019 1.5L CVT Classical version of the country Vi

2019 1.5L CVT comfort version of Vi


2019 1.5L CVT Deluxe Edition Vi

2019 220 Turbo CVT comfort version of the country Vi

[123 ] 14.59


[ 123] In terms of appearance, the front face of 2019 XR-V did not use the design of the original US-Japanese car, but used a more localized design idea, such as adding a large number of chrome-plated elements in the grille and the fog lamp area to create an angular corner. Distinguished feelings, strengthen new car headAt the same time, it is further improved by the young elements.


24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Troupe WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)


[123 ] Guide price (10,000)
2019 1.5L manual classic version of the country Vi [123
[ 123]
2019 220 Turbo CVT Deluxe Edition Vi 15.89
2019 220 Turbo CVT Ultimate Vi 17.59 [123 24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)
[123 ] 24-hour sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)
24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Troupe WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)
2019 XR-V interior styling is not large, in addition to new “Bordeaux red”, “brown + black”, “yellow + Black “three endo colors, main variations are reflected in configuration, such as 8 inches in control screen, multi-function steering wheel, car front fog light, tire pressure monitoring, front-sided airbag, reversing image, car PM2.5 The filtration device is a full-strand. In terms of space, the new XR-V is still a good spatial performance as a small SUV. In addition, the medium and high-model models will also provide Hondasensing security hyperbathor system, Honda Connect intelligent interconnection, touch automatic air conditioning, keyless entry, leather seat, panoramic sunroof, etc.

In terms of power, the new XR-V introduced 220 Turbo models with the global dream 1.5T engine to replace the current 1.8L model, and 1.5 L The engine model is reserved. Among them, 220 Turbo models match the CVT gearbox, the maximum power 130 kW (177 horsepower) / 6000 rpm, peak torque 220 cow middot; rice / 1700-5500 rpm; and continue to retain the maximum horsepower 96 kW (131 horsepower) / 6600RPM 1.5 L Model, match 6-speed manual or CVT transmission, these two engines meet Six emission standards.

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