Dongfeng Peugeot new 4008, the best choice for thinking

Someone bought a car is only because of her eyes, and some people have experienced a deep thinking. As a Ph.D., Ding Wei recalls the experience of the car, it is a process experienced by the science and engineer. He said very satisfied with this last choice. This experience can be simple to summarize as “seeking truth + pragmatic”.

Ask: in the heart of an exploration, finally discovered a beautiful

Seeking truth, it is a The most basic personality and qualities of technicians. Ding Wei is.

As a Ph.D., a doctoral engineering from Beijing University of Science and Technology, Ding Hao is currently working in Chongqing two river New District GEM. Choose Dongfeng Peugeot new 4008, and close relationship with his researchers.

“When I was experimenting, I paid special attention to the first-hand information. I must personally investigate, I will think independence with my mind. I put this kind of thinking. During the process. “

Unlike the general people, Dr. Ding is not in” People Yun Yun “. For him, buy a car and research, you need to get the exact credibility. data. It is this attitude of “seeking true”, Ding Wei shields those who can’t afford to test.

From November last year until May, Ding Wei spent nearly half a year to find “travel the best solution”, and started with the premise of budget and performance. New 4008. During this period, Ding Wei was still in Tesla’s choice. He is obsessed with the future technology prospects displayed by the new forces. But after thinking, I finally gave up. “Considering that the new power technology is updated too fast, and the current charging pile is popular, charging efficiency, and the problem of battery life is not yet resolved.”

Even if a technician, Ding Wei is pursuing rigorous, there is no charm of “special alone”. “I am doing research in school. My conclusion must have an innovative point, so I must find a car that meets my personal values ​​and temperament.”

The new 4008 romantic appearance and exquisite interiors make Ding Wei unable to extricate. “The romantic feelings showed by the new 4008 design,” compared to the design monotonous and domestic cars “, the romantic feelings showing the new 4008 design successfully touched him. In addition, as a SUV, a new 4008 excellent control performance, 1600MPA super strength steel, the 12.3-inch LCD instrument and a 10-inch suspended touch screen are built, Ding Wei finally chooses This is the new 4008.

Served: “Customer Centers” attitude, creation “New French” good car

Ask for true, it is to Ding Wei; pragmatic, it is for Peugeot.

It is a sense of attitude, more power, and pragmatic manufacturers will always be sought after for consumers and users. Put the interests of consumers and users in the first place, and tap customer mental mentality with better products and services is an unchanging truth.

Bring a better product experience, it is “pragmatic” that is new 4008.

First, the new 4008 is set by the most scientific tuning and parameters, making it easy to control. Like Ding, the owner of “this age of 10 years, driving is 0”, can also be very easy to open. As a novice, Ding Wei made a “brake linear”, “special precision”, “exclusive”, “Dragonfly”, the new 4008 focusing on product training, and pragmatic visible.

Ding Wei also specially mentioned an impressive experience. On the day of Chengdu picking, the new 4008’s power performance and suspension advantages are not reserved without reservations. The ACC adaptive patrol, the front collision warning, etc. is equipped with the pressure of Ding Wei as a novice, which makes him very unexpected.


When mentioned in a series of intimate, Poly Policy, Ding Wei, a series of intimate, Poly Policy, and evaluate the road: phase More than these discounts, I pay more attention to the things behind.

As is well known, Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, Dongfeng Peugeot carried out brand rejuvenation, launched a “new lion” strategy, accompanied by a series of consumers and users rights and interests. But for Ding Wei, he saw Dongfeng Peugeot’s determination to make a good car. Ding Wei also mentioned “For the customer consultation, if you have not replied within two hours, users can directly call the general manager of the electric orientation to communicate”, “I see the attitude and sincerity of Shenlong, this attitude makes me rest assured”.

Dongfeng Peugeot “pragmatic”, not only by Ding Wei, but also aware of the “lion powder”. The current growth of Dongfeng Peugeot is the best proof.

It can be said that this a beautiful “marriage” is “pragmatic” and Peugeot “of Dr. Ding Wei. In the six months of the car, Ding Hao has touched all kinds of models, including Volvo, Lexus, Tesla and other luxury brands, but he finally chose to standard brand new 4008. Ding Wei has always hesitated, swaying and “blowing” finally have a new 4008 with up to 20 appearances and functional upgrades. “Maybe this is the charm of Peugeot.”

Each “lion powder” has its own chosen answer, Dr. Ding Wei’s answer, do you agree?

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