Dongfeng popularity officially released the “Retracting Plan” Renewal Strategy Three Actions Implementing Brand Value

June 10, Dongfeng popular brand rejuvenation was held in Shanghai. This conference, Dongfeng popularity announced the brand comprehensive opening, officially released the new strategy of Dongfeng popular “ride plan”. Based on the new strategy, Dongfeng popular has brought about the interpretation of the three major actions of “Super Cube EMA Architecture” “Popular Quality Charm” “Panner Program”, through technology advanced, quality and service upgrade, Dongfeng popular brand The new actions are implemented, and will lay a solid foundation for its future development.

Technical advanced, super cube EMA architecture to create a strength benchmark

At the press conference, Dongfeng popularity officially issued a “ride plan” strategy, announced the brand to open from “traditional car hardware manufacturer” The user’s professional travel service leader “evolved, symbolizing the new starting point of Dongfeng wind on the road of brand transformation. The “Smart Space Enjoy what you want” brand value system has once again advanced in this press conference, further indicated the specific direction of the brand.

Based on the development direction of brand innovation breakthrough, Dongfeng popular has officially launched R & D platform – super Cube EMA architecture. The new super cube EMA architecture will enable Dongfeng popular brand R & D technology to rapidly the joint venture brand. Under the new R & D architecture, Dongfeng popularity can not only create a more young, high-end model, but also lay the foundation for more forward-looking exploration. Advanced R & D models for super cubic EMA architecture will greatly increase the strength of the vehicle’s spatial performance, comfortable performance, safety performance, power performance, intelligent levels.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, Dongfeng is in a new architecture. The ductility is full of efforts. The new super cube EMA architecture is 2615mm ~ 3200mm, the range expansion ranges from 1554mm to 1630mm, the long, the vehicle width can also be adjusted according to the model, customer needs. In addition, the architecture covers three major cars, SUVs, MPV, can meet the 11 basic models of the development B, C, and D-level, with a generalization rate of 70%, and easily deal with future increasing demand. It can be said that there is 117 standard modules, the Dongfeng popular super cubic EMA architecture, undoubtedly pushing the ductility of the architecture to a new height.

At the same time, Dongfeng popular super cube EMA architecture defines and practice the function and value of “third space”, allowing space to use more efficient, more functional changes; System construction, comprehensive compatible fuel, DM, EV power system, comprehensively meet different needs; Super Cube EMA architecture research and development with five-star safety, future support to expand to L3 + level automatic driving, let intelligence to accompany, to create milestone security performance; The super cube EMA architecture has an iterative improvement in the control of driving, the comfort and quality reliability, bringing the ultimate user experience.

Qualification, “Popular Quality Charm Action” Interpretation

Adhering Let the user enjoy the brand mission, Dongfeng popularity is equally efforts in product quality. At the press conference, Dongfeng popularity launched a quality assurance system-oriented quality assurance system-“popular quality charm action” to strengthen the quality control of the product full lifecycle around the “high quality trustworthy” action policy. On the basis of the bidding brand in the new model development business process, improve the quality management of new models, to create a high quality and trusted guarantee system, and the evaluation indicators increase from the original 252 items to 396, product development standards from digitization The physicalization is fully improved, and the product quality meets the needs of customers through more stringent control.

Dongfeng popular quality assurance system develops, manufactures, verifies multiple links, adopts strictThe harsh internal test criteria perform quality control, through international first-class product verification means and test capabilities, ensuring that new products have safety, reliable and durable quality. During the product development process, the new car needs to be used through 4 rounds of 1.8 million kilometers of strengthening Duzhi Road to carry out user working conditions. Dongfeng popularity uses international frontier parts supplier Mitsubishi, Magna Magna, Joint Electronics, Tencent, etc., ensuring that the product can be equipped with first-class components, escorting the quality of the product. During the production process, the Dongfeng popular peer industry benchmark, realizing “high quality + efficient” manufacturing, through high standards of process flow and quality management level, guarantee reliability from the source.

Service evolution, “universal plan” to create an upgrade user experience

Upgrade sectors, Dongfeng popular combined with users in car life, vehicle operations for service rights, through membership, reducing the cost of users using users or improving the revenue of the vehicle, and enhance the user experience. To this end, Dongfeng popularity has developed 8 club members’ rights and interests, intelligent interactive experience upgrades, and personalized service experience upgrades. Such as: Household Car Insurance upgrade from 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, up to 8 years or 160,000 kilometers; based on the technology upgrade of the car network, build an intelligent service center, online service users; provide users with users through the management experience Conveniently, with perfect service content, protect users’ respect for service experience.

Write in the last


As a Chinese car brand with a twenty-year development process, Dongfeng popular brand mission has always adhered to the brand mission of “enjoying the user.” After the brand image is fully updated, the process of Dongfeng popular development will be faster. Always pay attention to user needs, do “professional travel service leadership close to users”, which is not only reflected in the release of new products and the update of brand image, but also reflects the persistence and strict quality control of cutting-edge technology.

through “riding wind meter”Three major strategic actions, Dongfeng popular products R & D technology level, product quality, service level has been effectively guaranteed, fully reflect the core competitiveness of China Automobile brand. Future Dongfeng popularity will continue through breakthrough innovation spirit, more Users provide better products and services, developing high-speed development towards brand upgrades.

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