Down a second price should be so big!

talk about a traffic accident, I think this should be a matter for all road users most reluctant to occur, it threatens not only their own lives and safety, while also allow the driver to suffer damage to property, and also to bring great family the pain, but it is even more dangerous for motorcyclists. Most of my friends all know that the police want to make 122 after the accident, then contact the insurance company, but really out of trouble only to find themselves completely overwhelmed, so I personally experienced through the journey of eleven Mount, come and say He says those things after a motorcycle accident.

finally coming to the November holiday, the wife and kids settled, and the man came a day road trip of grassland, in the days of feeling the way it is run free too comfortable, and although the road very well, but perhaps too relaxed in the home 90 km Beijing-Tibet Expressway man rear-end accident happened, to be honest, I was really scared enough to choke! Fortunately, there were traffic jams fast enough, and the car will not be affected much. But the other car was scratched, the next is a long process accident.

to ensure their own safety

is different from the car that layer of the shell, the only protection is to motorcyclists wore the jersey. Can play a protective role in case of an accident, but if the speed is too fast, or make Knight hurt. So, do not worry fall after physical activity, good mood first stabilize, and then one by one from head to toe feel if there is severe pain, if you feel severe pain somewhere in the body, and can not explain the activities it may fracture, and this time would not have move, in order to avoid more serious secondary damage, so that people around the police station immediately call 122 traffic accidents and 120 emergency.

confirm the scene of the accident

if only slightly hurt, does not affect the safety, please immediately placed warning signs, and the scene of the accident to shoot. It is noteworthy that, to be on the scene of the shooting when taking pictures multi-faceted, (left front, right front, left rear, right rear, is the former, positive after) but also to the collision site were details of the shooting. Meanwhile, after the photo evidence, no objection if the parties responsible for the accident, set the vehicle to move the roadside, thus ensuring its own security, so as not to cause congestion caused trouble to others.

VTS 12123

Now the traffic police deal with traffic accidents, has achieved a comprehensive electronic office, the accident the two sides can “VTS 12123” APP, quickly and easily view traffic responsible for the accident Confirmation. After the traffic police division responsible for the accident, the two sides to determine who will report to the other party repair insured according to their own responsibility for the accident. Then his insurance policy it is particularly important to see where you do not look for their own insurance policy is? Currently pay high insurance motorcycle for third-party payment amount is only 2,000 yuan, payment capacity is very limited. I propose able to do so, or on a motorcycle commercial insurance more secure. After all, more and more luxury cars on the road, hit a bad luck full responsibility for their own are not enough to sell the motorcycle to the people repairing a car, riding a motorcycle, except of course luxury cars.


To be honest, the scary accident should not have happened! It is entirely due to motorcyclists and wander too close with the car caused. Coupled with my friend on the road with limited experience, and there is no emergency avoidance of operational experience. To this end he also led the police there is not a 200 yuan ticket scoring, with police saying: accident must be one party in violation of the road traffic safety law. By accident, I also hope that the Friends of Mount fun while enjoying a motorcycle, law-abiding safe to ride on his trip to Morocco draw a perfect end. Mount trip out to look over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland is important, but more important is to be able to return home safely!

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