Driving the new generation go skiing proud, feel the “wrestling” the fun

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in Beijing this year after a series of winter has a few games under the snow, wrapped in the snow the season seems to be no more suitable than skiing trips a project for a friend like skiing, snow season has been getting better. So in the first weekend of 2020, I decided about two colleagues together to enjoy skiing on the speed and excitement in the new snow season, prop up the boat aboard friendship.

for this in the short-haul driving, choose to open a comfortable, large space, liking the car, will make the whole trip a lot easier. SUV, traveling by car has become a natural choice models. We just recently had a “new friend” – KIA whole new generation of proud run, the car’s appearance, space, configure all aspects all have left a deep impression, so his new friend is a logical step Join our ski trip. Can only say that the right time, not immediately actions sorry for myself.

Since the departure from the Beijing area, go around Beijing’s ski resorts, but also at least two one-way about hours, so my colleagues and I Xiaojun, fresh fresh about eight in the morning at the start. As always soak in a weekend ski Xiaojun students to bring their own ski equipment, like me, have not yet fully realize the entry of white is not big free thousands of pieces of professional ski and resort learning tools which have a difference.

a complete ski equipment, except for thermal underwear comprising: a snowboard, holder, snow shoes, ski suits, ski pants, snow mirror, face protection, helmet, armor, Nappy, knee pads as well as wrist. And I want all these ski equipment into the trunk, but also to meet the three of us can take on the practicality of space and trunk of the vehicle had certain requirements.

Because many small SUV rear seats can not tip over or folded after the people can not sit, and let the skis placed to become a huge problem. But a whole new generation proud to run the trunk has a very good depth, while the back rowThe seat also supports the 4/6 scale down, the higher the degree of freedom of the combination, they can easily put down all ski equipment, as well as some of my photography equipment.

From Beijing after traveling all the way to the north, due to the relatively early departure, coupled with this whole new generation of proud run of NVH performance is really very good, with the quiet of leapfrog at this price, speed of 100 km less driving, engine noise, vibration, wind noise and tire noise are doing quite well.

Therefore, a high-speed, two fellow students to get a good night to go, leave me a person driving the boat, said the friendship turn to turn. After

with an hour on the way to the resort we passed the Miyun Reservoir, while the this very familiar Xiaojun students say took us to some road closures, you can have views over the Miyun reservoir. Just a short rest we can prepare a will officially start skiing.

After the car stopped, the sky is completely lit up, while lamenting the beauty, but also finally a closer look at this new generation of color values ​​of pride running. And I have to say that compared to the old model round and full, a new generation to become more dynamic fashion proud to run, change in style is very clear for me, “Yan control”, Yan value of this car really hits I.

ran appearance proud generation source Kia concept car in SP, Tigers-style family front plus glossy black hexagonal grille, so that the entire front face of the visual effect of widening the car a lot, looking very significant large.

In the lighting configuration, proud of this new generation is equipped with a running distance intelligent LED light, daytime running lights while extending into the front grille, night lit up highly recognizable.

side also uses a very popular suspension roof, the lower window edge plus a chrome, the entire side surface of delicate sense. The bottom of the wheel arch is decorated with a black plastic version, highlighting the SUV’s temperament, but also the very shape of the rim with a sense of power.

is the tail vehicle look very rosy the site throughout matte decorative sense, plus the very sense of technology rear lights, making the vehicle has been further improved in terms of color values. After

a short break, went straight to the ski slopes is, officially the ski trip.

to the resort after, Xiaojun students be cast of joy, put directly on the equipment High Road. Many people throughout the resort, but not much advanced Taoist, lifts substantially line, long enough and wide enough slopes, good snow quality and no wind, no significant slopes pothole or flat light panel, Xiao-Jun students play short It is a very wonderful time.

to the side of the fresh fresh students, the is a perfect interpretation of the first white ski, how is fancy wrestling. Fortunately, there are veteran peers, after patient teaching, the students are also considered fresh fresh can “ride” in the period of the primary trail.

slipped nearly four hours later, we have been very enjoyable, of course, already tired of watching the entire ski small body movements, but only to find after the actual slip that any amount of exercise no less aerobic exercise. At the same time for the ski sport, bumps are inevitable, continuous improvement, constantly test their own limits, even if it is fall is also a good step forward, but also happy.

In order to catch up before the evening rush back to the city, you simply pick up the return began to leave. Nearly two hours away, just Après ski for me, it looks a little long. But fortunately this time to open a whole new generation of proud ran with ACC adaptive cruise control, for such travel by car, is simply “Artifact.”

Thanks to this car and active / passive safety features is really very complete, such as lane keeping assist system, active brake, the car side blind spot detection systems, etc., it is still very open feel at ease and relaxed. For the price of only about 120,000 yuan joint venture brand small SUV, equipped with such a performance it is really dazzling.

Meanwhile intelligent vehicle computer system , but also to the high-speed sections not so boring boring. 10.25 inches in the control touch screen equipped with a very user-friendly smart interconnected system, built with a variety of network functions, using the system comes with QQ music, listen to FM and so on with high definition can listen to music online, online radio stations, audiobooks etc., so that two hours away a lot of fun. At the same time the system also and Baidu cooperation, intelligence is regarded as one of the best models in the joint venture.

Central dashboard 7-inch display projectableCar side blind spot video, navigation information, multimedia information, etc., while driving, do not use excessive transfer line of sight, for driving safety is further improved.

and in feeling terms of driving, today opened with this new generation proud experience to run the city traffic, high-speed road and mountain, including almost all the roads daily encounter. This car was equipped with a naturally aspirated engine 1.5L VI meet national emission standards, the match is able to simulate the CVT transmission gear 8, the system maximum peak torque and horsepower, respectively 115 and 144 cattle middot; m.

today opened down, comfort and smoothness this is what I feel the most intuitive trolley, cities starting speed and momentum is still very positive, the response speed of the accelerator pedal quickly, it can be said on call. At the same time the brake foot feeling very comfortable, keeping up with the fast stop and go traffic and no uncomfortable feeling. Chassis tuning is obviously biased towards comfort-tuned, when after a small potholes can be a good filter, like speed humps and bumps that more anxious, very calm this car filtration.

and very good that this car not only support the general economic, sports three driving modes also supports snow, mud, sand three kinds of traffic patterns. For this SUV models, we hope that is its versatility, because on the road, do not know who took the road would be like, but also has a multi-road driving mode is selected, the entire journey can feel at ease, many calmly.

on the road or in everyday driving another point of concern is the fuel consumption of the vehicle, after all, whoMost do not want to travel budget spent fuel. And proud of this new generation has run in terms of fuel consumption is given me great surprise, the day traveling nearly 300 kilometers, of which there are many traffic jams and road, plus the shooting because, for a long time standing idle, such under the car, the combined fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers this car is only 7.2 liters, for such a small SUV, such as fuel consumption true gratifying.

ski car the day trip perfect collection officer, for us today, this whole new generation of car partner proud to run, I do not find any place to complain. Dynamic performance at the same level performed well, space is also put in some effort, comfort is the big advantage of this car, so it was almost met all of my needs for a self-drive vehicles.

plus 7L about the fuel consumption and the starting price of 108,800 yuan, the official also mention the most important national policy premium package, almost landing guidance price, for those who want to buy a car and suitable for both everyday commuter vehicles, this new generation is indeed a proud run a very good choice.

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