Dubai Customs awarded the European Foundation for Quality Management Innovation Platinum Award

Dubai, UAE November 4, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Dubai Customs (Dubai Customs) recently held in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) “Global Excellence Award” (Global Excellence Award) Award activities, with 700 points, good results beat all other candidates organizations, get six star rating, thereby winning “innovation Platinum Award.” With this remarkable achievement, Dubai Customs Organization in 2019 to become the world’s first company to receive this award on the basis of the world’s leading new scoring system on.

HE Ahmed Mahboob Musabih receiving the award

Dubai Customs Ahmed – Mahe Bu – Musa Bi (Ahmed Mahboob Musabih) held in Finland receive the award presentation ceremony.

Musa Bi Year award: “EFQM Award was awarded on behalf of the outstanding achievements we have made and highly innovative in customs matters has been widely recognized internationally.”

EFQM Excellence Awards program using the most rigorous assessment program designed to model global organizations, including the private, public and non-profit organizations in recognition.

Musa Bi said: “As a model organization, we invest heavily in innovation, and strive to develop and upgrade customs procedures in order to provide the most first-class service and trade facilities in the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, thank Dubai. He – Mohammed – Ben – Rashid – Al Maktoum under (SheikhMohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum) to promote the wise leadership of His Highness and great vision, we will continue to be successful. “

” we’ve developed. and upgrade a number of systems and applications, including the World Customs organization was named the world’s best integrated customs system Mirsal 2. 2018, we have 34 percentage declarations are done through the system, compared with 23 in 2017 the percentage has improved significantly. By 2020, this proportion will rise to 50 percentage. in addition, we continue to conclude with the countries in the world ‘Certified operators’ agreement. Following the agreement reached with South Korea, Saudi Arabia and China, we are expected to achieve mutual recognition with more countries or regions. Plan “

Among the many innovative systems and project development in Dubai Customs, called” virtual corridor “(Virtual Corridor) is to facilitate the transport of goods between Dubai Ports and points of entry, thereby reducing costs simplifying customs procedures. 2018, through the “virtual corridor” to complete customs transactions reached 324,435 pen.

Dubai Customs and Excise of the working group on the strategy into action and continue to improve performance done hard work, as well as all employees adhere to international standards in their work, to express my sincere gratitude

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