“Enterprise A” in the national college entrance examination is now giving a “reference answer”

车 讯 网 report ] Hello, I mdash; mdash; BYD MDash; mdash; college entrance examination! Hey, that, not to participate in the college entrance examination, it is a college entrance examination topic.

This year’s college entrance examination, BYD is surprised in the 38th issue of the National Biographic Item 38 of LDQUO; A enterprise RDQUO; In fact, the age of BYD car, participating in the college entrance examination is also just mdash; mdash; after all, BYD is 95. After accumulating the battery technology, BYD entered the automotive field in 2003, in 2003, BYD has been a proper 00, and now the 18th year of LDQUO;

Today’s BYD is not only LDQUO in the test paper; a car manufacturer RDQUO; and has already become a business scope coverage research, electronic, battery, automobile, new energy, rail transit, semiconductor and other various The field, more than 35,000 technicians, and the entire entire application of a patent 32,000 technologies, and the average will have 11 invention patents every day. Why is BYD going to open innovation from vertical integration? Everyone may care about this. BYD launched the world’s first mass production plug-in hybrid car F3DM in 2008, the size of the electric vehicle is not optimistic, the industry lacks support, no one dares to work together; Adventure RDQUO;, Parts Supply Do not cooperate, either report to the price, find a partner process, the cost of trying is enough to drag the industry. BYD can only be self-reliant, vertically integrated, and most powerful, all parts, in addition to the tires and glass, BYD can do.

But later, with the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, the supply chain is gradually improved and refined, and the open market conditions and foundation are available. In 2018, in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, BYD released a mature E platform and shared with global peers, creating a smart network DiLink system, while 341 sensors and 66 control permissions of the car will open to developers. Since then, BYDTo ldquo; reform and opening RDQUO;, China Automotive Industry also introduces RDQUO from LDQUO; technology to introduce RDQUO;

From LDQUO; self-reliant RDQUO; to LDQUO; reform open RDQUO;, all the way, cold and self-knowledge. Today, BYD’s friends circle, there is already a partner like Mercedes, Toyota, and dripping, and many of them are working in cooperation, we contribute to China’s technology and Chinese programs to the new energy auto industry. As China’s first LDQUO; Million New Energy Automobile Club rdquo; brand, BYD’s technology and platform can be full verification, ripe and reliable, and can shorten the original 3-4 years of R & D cycle to 2 years At the same time, such a large scale effect can make everyone develop, production becomes more efficient. I benefit, they also benefit, we are opponents, but also teammates!

Open innovation is the direction in which BYD will persist in the future. BYD hopes to unite more people, promote the industry to make better and faster development, bring core technology, parts and vehicle products to a broader market, benefit more consumers; put their own advanced parts technology and Manufacturing capabilities, incubation from Fu Di companies (Fudi batteries, Fudi dynamics, Fudi Technology, Fudi Mold) further introduction to the market, changing the role and division of labor in China’s automotive industries in new energy in the world.

Divine internal power, more than technology, in order to more adapt to competitive trends, this year, BYD car officially enabled new logo; at the same time, BYD has launched a blade battery that can acupuncture, and huge oil DM-I super Mixed, purely exclusive E platform 3.0, breaking core technologies such as foreign monopoly chip semiconductors, continues to lead the industry change, and creating a new product called Han, Tang and other new products; sales terminal organizational architecture has also conducted major adjustments Let the professional people do professional things, build ldquo; strong China car RDQUO; brand new appearance.

New technology, new products, new images, new architecture, BYD car to new, all the way forward! BYD won China’s new energy car sales crown for more than 8 consecutive years, and the first consecutive year, in a long time, it supported the spine of new energy vehicles; in May, BYD31,681 new energy vehicles sold, new energy vehicles sales account for more than 70%, sales year-on-year increase, the final king returned!

As the Chinese car brand, BYD will never live up to your attention and support!

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