Even if you don’t have a three-child, you also deserve a charter.

Half a month ago, the three-child policy introduced.

From the perspective of people’s livelihood, the three-child policy is undoubtedly the most important social system reform in recent years. If it is not a new crown epidemic, it will definitely list the first place in the “annual keyword” rankings.

Even if the netizens discuss all the words of the three children, “three children” positive effects are undeniable with a policy. In the whole society, it can adjust the effect of the population structure, improve aging; in individuals, it also gives a broader choice.

To know, the three-child policy is never holding a knife holder on our parents’ people’s neck, asking us to have children, fertility freedom is completely mastered in us, and the role of policy is guidance The whole society has developed more ideal directions, and finally benefits are still the masses.

Only, in view of our lives of consumerism to any corner, with the introduction of the three children’s policy, the consumption of three children is like the spring bamboo shoots.

The automotive industry is naturally no exception. Since these half a month, all MPVs or SUVs will shout the slogan to meet the needs of the three-child family life. And don’t say some space, five SUVs come to the lively, suitable, single is a big purchase of a space, many domestic cars, in my opinion, there is no inevitable cause of the three-child policy relationship. Because before the three-child policy has not yet been introduced, China’s large SUV has long been all over the land of China.

Therefore, after the test drive is finished, after the public is in the country, I am more calm and do we try to determine whether it is excellent or not, it should throw away the addition of the three-child effect. He looks at the essence of a car to evaluate.

The little is small, it is really good

Japan has a very famous home renovation program called “all-round residential renovation king”, some of the country TV stations also have introduced similar programs. Whether it is a Japanese version or a domestic version, during the viewing process, the audience will often be shocked by the designer’s whimsy.

One wall cabinet, put half is a table, put it all is the bed, and you can take it out.Space is doing yoga, this flexible use of limited space, can’t be wonderful.

However, when you really have lived this house, you will find that you can use it again, it is better to come comfortably. When the space is constantly folding, after the unlimited function, it is replaced by you can never throw something.

The car is the same, we often praise how the day car is used with storage space, an armrest box can have four or five kinds of transformation forms, and when we really use it, we still think that the car is more and more.

The body size is 5152 * 2002 * 1795mm, the wheelbase reaches 2980mm, what is the concept, the entire Volkswagen Market in China, including Porsche and Bentley, no SUV is more Big.

It is true that there is a “stupid” evaluation. However, is the problem, is it smart? Do not believe in how many anti-human design in the short-sighted legal cars. People who have natural hostility for large cars, just like O’Neill will not serve, Messi will not guard the door.

And in my opinion, the country is not stupid, and even some “big heads have big wisdom” tastes. Two examples.

The most intuitive benefit of the compartment is that in the second or third row, there is a sufficient leg space in the second or third row, and the trunk is still able to plug several suitcases. When many six or seven SUVs are fully loaded, the trunk can’t act if there is so many people’s baggage, and there is no such problem.

And it is smart, the second row seat is inverted, and the base of the seat will also fold. The result is that after all the seats are released, the labeling compartment is just as flat, exaggerated, exaggerated, and this car can be placed as a landing road.

Another smart place is that its third row window is large enough.

In the past, when I sat into a third row of seven SUVs, my heart began to rang “iron window tears”, and shrinking the legs, the air conditioner can’t be blown.Want to see the scenery outside the car, the result is a direct philosophical question – who I am, where I am going.

The country has designed a small window, the lighting and vision of the passengers in the third row, the psychological barriers of passengers, combined with the exclusive air-conditioned air outlets and charging ports, let seven The third row of SUV has a true human rights, not Dog Seat.

There are still many similar details. It is not difficult to see that the design idea of ​​the country is to join the whisper and human care in the case of the car in the car. , I would like to call it Miki Miao House for the car circle.

Dynamic, the country is equipped with the “EA888 + 7DCT” power assembly of the public signboard, the high-low power version, the parameters are the most horsepower 186 Motion and 220 homers, peak torque 320 cattle MIDDOT; rice and 350 cow middot; rice.

There are also models of 2.5T V6 engine, maximum horsepower 299, peak torque 500 cattle MIDDOT; Rice.

This test drive is the former, that is, the 2.0T high power version. Objectively, you can’t expect a 2.0T engine to drive a five-meter long, two meters wide, and two tons of larger cars can have an experience of reaching the sea.

Horsepower This kind of thing is just like money, no one is too small. But if you want to have a horsepower engine, you can’t wait to step on the throttle, then you will follow the money in the bed. For the motivation of the country, my opinion is that as long as you dare to step, it is not enough.

For a multi-person behavior of SUV, it is more important than driving.

The previous FAW-Volkswagen announced the pre-sale price of the country and the price range was 29.99 to 399,900 yuan. The officially revealed news is that as long as the four-wheel drive set of 339,000 yuan, such as L2-level driving assist, 360 degree panoramic image, seat memory, electric tail, four-door keyless entry will be standard. According to FAW-VolkswagenThrough the pricing strategy, the final listing price will be more incense than the pre-sale price. It is worth mentioning that the sixth generation Borghanner-Knight decisor can make the country to achieve a 100% rear wheel drive when necessary.

The truth, I have never been a public powder, the inertial thinking of the automotive industry is always educating my Japanese car is the most real choice. But when I saw these configurations appeared on a large SUV, I only sold 300,000, and I went back to see the recent days of the Japanese seven SUVs, sitting in therage, and confirmed The aunt of the canteen gives you a snorkeling with a slight tremor, I am very difficult to have a good impression on the country.

Some people visited the country, no more than it used to use the MQB platform, do millions of questions. But think about it, when the BMW 7 Series is equipped with 2.0T engine, Lamborghini Urus and Audi A4 use the same platform, “born” “Born” is really important? Relying on mature platforms and technologies, with more affordable prices, give consumers more abundant experience, isn’t it a good car?

Rich enemy’s Bruce Middot; Wayne maintains the justice of Gotan City by Zupin Lao, civilians born Bari Middot; Allen uses God’s speed to save the whole universe is not a hero?

Therefore, if I use a sentence to summarize the impression of the country, I will say that the hero is not asked.

What is the car bearen

returns to the beginning of the article, and the essence of a car is based on the essence of a car. Is it excellent?

My answer is yes.

The deeper discussion is that the meaning of six or seven SUVs is to make a car to carry more people. This “person” is not a child.

The only child of the year has grown into the cornerstone of social development, it is not difficult to see some era characteristics from them – perhaps because there is no brothers and sisters, they still have time to work with the childhood, they are After marriage, I didn’t treat my parents and myself as two.Family.

They don’t have to have a bunch of children to use the seven SUVs, maybe I will escape the class to go to the Internet cafe, come back to the frozen throne of Chenghai 3C dowel, or carry a couple The parents of the two sides came to a trip to go, and a chartered will be a time to carry them happiness.

Therefore, is there a good car in the country, and whether there is a three-child And whether you love life.

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