Even two years J.D. Power CSI champion, KIA Why?

China’s automobile market, the curtain has officially opened a new era.

Moreover, this round of Ebb Tide, is more than any previous brutal. Stock era, coupled with this year’s epidemic, “black swan” event, car prices jittery is the norm, if you can do it bucked this case, it must be really “two brushes.”

Recently, KIA officially announced its overall sales situation in October 2020, and its sales in October reached 26,484, an increase of 8.1 percentage. It is worth mentioning that this is the KIA this year for the seventh consecutive month to achieve sales rose.

Many people may not understand KIA market performance across the board, but if you look at the release of the better reasons for November 5 JD Power (Jun Di) 2020 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rankings circumstances, we might have seen the reasons for KIA sales continued to grow in the market. China’s auto after-sales service satisfaction (CSI) rankings this year, Dongfeng Yueda Kia a total score of 779 points topped the mainstream car market segment the list, which is the KIA Following the 2019 received this award this year again fold crown.

KIA attainable What is the reason for this award? KIA efforts and what the vital interests of users, made in the after-sales service? Or KIA has set for the current Chinese auto market in terms of after-sales service how to benchmark it?

To solve these problems, first clear the stock of the era of the automobile market, what is the key factor to impress consumers. First, naturally, it is hard power automotive products, good quality; secondly, high-quality, caring service. Further analysis, the former for the mainstream car brand in terms of the upper and lower gap is not large; but the latter is vastly different, the most typical, such as some brands by consumers will lack the expertise, carrying out car maintenance “hidden rules. “” excessive maintenance “common, leading many consumers” into the pit. ”

So, how do you know which one user of the service better? As car safety crash, as in the automotive aftermarket is also conducting research evaluation of an authority, the agency is world-renowned JD Power, whose research SM (CSI) work has entered its 20th year in the Chinese automotive service satisfaction, to provide customers with a fair and objective evaluation of reference. In 2020 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index Study SM (CSI), the KIA fold crown again, and for two consecutive years ranked first for eight consecutive years top five finalists.

fight, Dongfeng Yueda Kia is serious about

products are hard power, soft power service, and neither is dispensable. The former to some extent, relatively easy to quantify, but the latter is difficult to quantify. However, JD Power devised advanced after-sales service satisfaction model, to deliver comprehensive customer service experience including analysis by examining service appointments, reception and diagnosis, service facilities, service value, service quality and service team, including six dimensions , and the evaluation of customer satisfaction.

comprehensive in terms of these six dimensions severe enough to objectively and comprehensively reflect the degree of consumer satisfaction with the brand steam after-sales service. At the same time, the study is based within 13-48 months car owners after-sales service experience, which is based on new car purchases during March 2016 to July 2019, and the study is covering the country’s 70 cities of 32,702 names owners, involving a total of 50 car brands, data collection for completion in March 2020 to August 2020, that is, the data studied are “freshly baked” findings naturally objective and fair.

DYK from winning emboldened, fundamentally speaking or from the “customer first” business philosophy, and “service first” high-quality service-oriented. For example, the KIA has so far built a nationwide 246 cities in 414 service network, forming a perfect and convenient service system. On this basis, Dongfeng Yueda Kia also launched booking service +24 hour service hotline, KDS remote technical support, service skills competition and other special servicesProject, and in 2012 proposed the “home care” Family-Like Care Service slogan, adhering to the “caring, responsibility, trust,” the service concept, by implementing a series of initiatives to achieve a steady improvement in the satisfaction index .

which, reservation service and after-sales service hotline +24 hour service skills competition the most noteworthy. The former is to better serve customers, the latter is a better upgrade themselves. +24 hour service hotline booking service is based on customer car repair and maintenance needs, combined with specialty stores at this stage operating conditions, the timely development of customer specific time to shop and maintenance plans to reduce customer wait times; at the same time, providing Call Center24 hour hotline service, timely respond quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues in terms of purchasing, service, technology and the like.

and after-sales service technology contest are able to live the Game practice, in order to promote competition to learn, to promote competition with each session are based on consumer feedback and market trends specifically developed to continuously improve front-line service staff and the overall quality of service levels, enhance service skills, build elite service team, to bring first-class service experience beyond expectations. It is worth mentioning that the KIA service skills competition has been held for the 10th and become a “traditional” events.

speak louder than words, KIA score the winning rational

JD Power Customer Satisfaction Index Study SM (CSI) in order to “independent and impartial” reputation industry, and by the leading Chinese automotive service satisfaction degree studies carried out 20 consecutive years, customer satisfaction has become a benchmark to measure the automotive industry and vehicle service experience PDI process. In 2020, under the shadow of the epidemic, the domestic auto industry was hit by an unprecedented challenge, in this case, KIA and provides users with what kind of quality services to win it?

From the whole, in addition to a sound service system, KIA year’s after-sales service activities include regular services and special care for two categories. In addition to the former free testing, multi-category coupons, maintenance fund and other caring services,More series cover the annual aftermarket care activities, including: 1 – March “begins at New Year walk hand in hand,” New Year’s after-sales care program, 6–8 month, “Sheng new cool ‘benefit’ ‘after-sales activities, as well as 9- October’s “pleasure accompanying care redouble” the owner of welfare activities month, every service directly to customers hearts, to give the customer service value maximization.

while the latter is due to local conditions, to provide special free testing, special subsidies and other customer care for customers special period or region, such as the first in China to launch “continue to love the new” plan for the outbreak, Dongfeng Yueda up police and participate in the fight against SARS; by “love the new substitution” and “continue for months,” during the epidemic, car installments to customers “for ever” reveal all the details of the protection, preservation and high replace their fleets, “new love” interests service, staff and Hubei owners to provide special care; at the same time free of charge to maintain customer replaceable air filter CN95 provide car sterilization and other measures to innovative services and improve customer care. Another example is provided for customers affected by weather disaster situation “concentric peer through thick and thin” special after-sales service, engine covers disaster prevention, maintenance support, and then purchase subsidies. As well as “caring inn” campaign, in remote areas to provide customers free vehicle detection, vehicle maintenance and repair of paid service, and warranty policy for conservation of common sense explanation vehicles to customers.

above point of view, KIA indeed implemented a series of policies or activities popular service in 2020, Dongfeng Yueda more the vital interests of customers, the implementation of policies or activities of these services, it is becoming KIA won the JD Power 2020 China automobile customer satisfaction Index of the first key.

after-sales service to lead the mainstream market, KIA new standard for the industry tree

As the saying goes: Gold Silver Cup as word of mouth people. Dongfeng Yueda Kia through a series of customer-centric care services to allow customers to benefit fully implemented, enables its clients to enjoy the pleasure of quality automotive life. And this is what the current auto market after China entered the era of the stock car prices have to face and also for a “fair share of things,” in addition to R & D strength of strong products, car prices have to work hard in the service of high quality, two-pronged ,onlyYou can win the future.

Written in the last:

As the saying goes: will have to pay in return. Automobile stocks era, between the car brand is no longer confined to price competition models and product strength, more and more customers fairly fancy car during the actual experience, especially the increase in redemption users, as well as on the future of car maintenance and other after-sales service more care. KIA get 2020 JD Power automotive service satisfaction first place in China, has explained the tireless efforts made by the brand of car prices in the after-sales service, which brings satisfaction at the same time as the user, but also to the consumer’s purchase experience and satisfaction has entered a new level, overwhelmed by the win is also reasonable, I believe will help build on the KIA market sales.

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