Exposure of the new BMW M5 road test spy photos or release the second half of 2020

Recently, some overseas media exposure of the spy photos of the BMW M5 road test mid-term facelift models. New car in disguise for the face and tail, while the headlights set also features a new design style. Foreign media are expected, the new car or the second half of 2020 will be released.

From spy, the M5 were new camouflage against partial front and tail, whereby we can learn , front and rear styling of the new car will be adjusted to some extent. Although difficult to see under the disguise of our specific point of change, but the group is still exposed headlamps gave us plenty of information – profile car headlights group, especially the bottom line will become more rules, but the biggest difference or new “type branches” with the use of daytime running lights. The new car headlights to bring a new visual perception, than the existing “spoon lamp” looks more technological sense. At the same time, the new M5 kidney front grille and lower air intake surrounds seem to have the size of the increase. Change

or the rear of the vehicle also comprises a cavity designed to upgrade the lamp, but also through the current difficult to see spy particular variation, anticipated rear diffuser shape, etc. will also be optimized. In addition, the new BMW M5 is no change in the body, while still a small size with a spoiler, a carbon fiber roof, and a total of four bilateral exhaust system.

power, the M5 cash Standard Edition mounting a maximum power of 600 hp, 750 Nm of torque 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, while the cash has Version M5 626 horsepower Thunder and 750 Nm, the transmission system are matched 8-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive system. As a facelift, the new M5 or foreign media is expected to be a slight increase of power at the same time, to further improve exhaust emissions.

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