EZGO Easy Travel has launched the first increase in the first increase in the incremental “Century Bird” brand electric motorcycle in China.

Jiangsu Changzhou May 4th / US News / – Easy TV Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ Code: EZGO) (hereinafter referred to as “Easy TV” or “Company”) leads China Short-distance transportation solution supplier, today announced the launch of the latest “Century Bird” reunitely electric motorcycle. Products are mainly positioned in China’s growing takeaway market, which has taken the lead in selling in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Management Review

Ye Jianhui, CEO, Ye Jianhui, said: “In recent years, we have seen amazing growth in China’s takeaway and express delivery markets. Data of China Internet Network Information Center shows that China’s rapidly developed takeaway service is driven by a new generation of young consumers. We believe that online takeaway distribution services have demand for long-distance electric bicycles, and the incremental electric motorcycle can A further distance. Our company is committed to providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to serve this market. “

[ 123] Yi TV line launched a “Century Bird” extended electric motorcycle

[ 123] Proprietary Power Control Model ECU

Leaves Continue to talk: “Easy TV is committed to creating environmentally friendly solutions, The new and convenient choice is to adapt to the changing needs of Chinese urban consumers. The newly developed reunite electric motorcycle in the company is very attractive, it is light, battery life is the best product in all our products. One, can meet the most prominent needs in the takeaway express market. Our extension electric motorcycle can be charged in driving, eliminating the current obstacles for customers who need frequent replacement batteries or charge the battery. Century Birds Required Electric Motor The longest battery life is 350 kilometers. We will continue to develop new products to meet customer needs. “

Century Birds Reunion Crepration Electric Morning introduction

Independently designed motor

Century Birds Runout Electric Motorcycle utilizes its power management technology, Combining high-performance gasoline generators with battery charging techniques, the travel distance is expected to reach 350 kilometers. Century Bird Electric Motorcycles are equipped with a 60V20AH battery and a 2000W motor designed by the company engineer team. Its electronic control unit, or the ECU, according to the driving situation determines whether or not the starter generator is charging, the entire system can provide a stable and reliable power for the vehicle while maintaining efficient and environmentally friendly.

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