F Three Musketeers Harvard Department of the smart armed to the teeth? Several functions even Tesla did not!

Introduction | 2020 models progress is not small

you make it? Every time a high-speed car poly-jun, will have a heart disease on the Model S: In Autopilot state, the vehicle has been in the middle lane, exactly right. But this technology is not a strict sense of humanity, such as when a huge truck you appear on the right side.

Whenever this time, the car poly Jun heart to meditation: the left point, the left point, and then left it.

but Autopilot is a fixed set of good algorithm, monster it around without fear. Despite the owners frightened, peripheral vision from time to time wandering over the hills like the same from their neighbors only 20 centimeters. If left breaking direction unconscious, forced slightly Conference “ding-dong” sound, lift off Autopilot. Accompanied body while shaking, vehicles have to manually poly vinylidene Jun 20 centimeters to the left, down or simply change lanes.

Now, this smart black spot, a home-made car is actually solved!

First, the 2020 models

F7x, smart and performance of handsome guy

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in early November, just listed 2020 models Harvard F7x, added a “smart dodge” function. It allows automatic driver assistance in the vehicle, the front right lane in case of a truck, big trucks, the steering wheel will automatically Slight left to play, let the vehicle is drifting in the middle 20 cm. In this way, his car still in the driveway, but away from the terrible neighbor to the right, driving all of a sudden feel much better.

There is also a function, super practical. When you drive a car approaching the destination, the most anxious one thing: parking Where? Sometimes I drove half an hour to find parking but also half an hour, can really make people crash. Worse, finally into a large parking lot, Layer by layer around, just could not find empty parking spaces, there is no urge to think jumping on the spot?

2020, paragraph

Harvard F7x, anxious users of the way, launched a “smart parking “Features. As the name suggests, not only can help the owner find around the parking lot, but also notice the vacant parking spaces. City trip really good helper ah, left.

But in fact, this beautiful GT cars are not just performance that several features, as well as enhance the real deal!

hundred kilometers in 2019 increased from 7.5 seconds to paragraph 6.6 seconds! This is a cost just 154,900 of the SUV, it is too tempting. Specific details of the upgrade directly see the figure right.

Second, section 2020 F7, the amount of walking is the main force

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this session F7 has introduced seven models, from i to i Yue Xiu, the price between 11.18-15.18 million. L2 level was equipped with an automatic driver assistance systems, intelligent network linking system is also upgraded to V2 platform to achieve the intelligent voice, smart travel, schedule management, in-car Wi-Fi more than 30 utility upgrades.

IFLYTEK speech recognition system is mounted, the identification rate of up to 97 percentage, substantially life can be like a little help as assistant owners take care of some chores, but also to control the corresponding window and temperature according to the sound source. Not only can identify songs song, but also to understand the dialect.

car poly Jun had more than once in the circle of friends with emotion: if we do not grow his assistant, he even not as good as AI robot.

on the
Hardware configuration, paragraph 2020 also electric sunroof F7Spread to the “beggar Edition” models, an increase of embroidery “F” word is still on the seat back. 7-inch dashboard upgrade to a 12.3-inch full-color digital instrument that can display general information about navigation maps, music, radio, telephone, etc., we have to move closer to humanity luxury cars.

But the biggest change is equipped 1.5GDIT and 2.0GDIT two engines, the maximum power of 124kW and 165kW, outstanding in its class. While the torque is more excellent, respectively, and 185N.m 385N.m, and retuned 7-speed double clutch with a wet, low-speed more powerful, more smooth.

According to reports, the 2020 Harvard F7x chassis models through professional master tuning in Russia arctic weather -40 degrees to do durability testing more than 2000 hours, support and comfort of the suspension has reached a very mature balance.

Third, 2020, paragraph

the F5, mounted Fun-Life Systems

as Harvard’s first F-based products, F5 has been the vanguard of new technologies. F5 and 2020 models equipped with a Fun-Life first intelligent network linking system to meet the young “always” just to be.

For example, it is equipped with micro-channel car version, provided with a special button on the steering wheel, a full voice interaction, ensure driving safety while maintaining a full-time online. When the occupants of the micro-channel receive a text message, it will be automatically converted into voice broadcast. You just have to be careful not to share some of the loss of Friends of the micro-channel content Oh.

Since the influx of people for the user, 2020 is also equipped with Tencent paragraph F5 “love interest Listen”, by voice, the touch screen controls, steering wheel buttons, three activate music, songs at any time, intelligent system can also be sorted according to individual needs.

If your friends drink PepsiCoke, how do you like to drink Coca-Cola? It is to go to McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken to go? Harvard F5 said that only children make choices that adults must!

Yes, it is compatible with high moral and Tencent “dual map”, can seamlessly switch depending on the scene and demand. This seems to be the first case of domestic, right?

car poly Summary

The Harvard released a stretch of three 2020 models F series products, can be described as momentum rainbow, determined to win. All three cars have the OTA-line upgrade, which GW4C20B 2.0T engine has just won the “Chinese Heart” Ten Best Engines title. From the inside out, we are at the forefront of the industry.

Just message, October F7 sales 15,017 units, the chain rose 22.05 percentage. Description Chinese young people have begun to accept “Future smart, Fashion trend, Fun Young” F line, and while the “Three Musketeers” release, the addition of a F: Friends.

hope more and more independent brands, make friends with the strength and the consumer.

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