Fan Zhiyi, Yang Chenban, “European Cup Collection Training Camp” assembly, tonight, we must connect

Author Xiu network report ] With the Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary, the European Cup of the New Crown Epidemic is finally going to open! The so-called good play is not afraid, I believe that hundreds of millions of and I have been looking forward to the fans who have already packed their emotions, ready for beer, stay up late to see the ball will be our next month.

However, if the ball is like a shooting, it is better than the legendary star Battle! Due to the opening of the European Cup in the Opening of the European Cup, LDQUO; hit RDQUO;, the new XC60 pre-match football training camp was arranged by Volvo. 6. 9-10, in the listing conference held the city of Magic Shanghai, accompanied by ldquo; fast horse rdquo; Xie Feng’s live solution, football baby is helping, I and a group of automotive media players from Beijing Shanghai, and Wang Hongliang And Yang Hao two ldquo; take the lead in the big brother RDQUO; explore the tactics, and even fortunately with the Captain Fan Zhiyi and the Football Mr. Yang Chen and other countries, quite honor is very happy.

Beijing car media football team family Fu

Shanghai Automed Media Football Team Family Fu

The player’s devil’s training effect is significant

As the tactics upgrade iteration, football has already passed LDQUO; flying rag rdquo; on the stage of all things, players on the field Not only need strong body, agile reactions, enough speed, but also with intelligent mind and advanced technology and wise judgment, so that the coach layout, from physical strength and intelligence, LDQUO; Rolling RDQUO;

The Swedish team named in the wind, I have left a lot of classics in the world football and fans. In an instant, what kind of results that can be achieved this year is expecting. The same Nordic luxury brand Volvo cars that Weijing goes to the spirit of the spirit, and the core main model XC60 will continue to write the legend in China. Before officially listed on June 11, the new XC60 debuted this football training camp, showing his LDQUO in front of Fan Zhiyi, Yang Chen and other star players; looking at RDQUO ;.

The pre-match football training camp, except for basic strength and ball training, LDQUO; new XC60 product point RDQUO Detained shooting training, ldquo; single ride, rDQUO; mobile shooting training, ldquo; Fan Daxie RDQUO; show absolute recruiting ldquo; fish leaphead RDQUO;, ldquo; China Heavy Cannon RDQUO; Yang Chen passed on the family skills. Accepted ldquo; Devil training RDQUO; media peers have said that there is a chance to get a live guidance from football, and the official competition in tonight must give Master LDQUO; long face rdquo ;.

LDQUO; Fan Great General RDQUO; Fan Zhiyi

Yang Chen showed heavy guns

ldquo; new XC60 product point rDQUO; 12-palace fixed point shooting training

through the team, the Beijing-Shanghai two teams The two guidance of the head coach Wang Hongliang and Yang Wei, with a professional vision, the location of the choice and tactical arrangement, the two team players who lacked the lack of system training (adjusted RDQUO; became a self-employed, there is no unfavorable LDQUO; National team RDQUO ;.

Beijing car media football team main coach Yang Wei

Shanghai car Media football team coach Wang Hongliang

Baby hot dance to help the whole audience

When the cheerleader met with football, two seemingly unpryed sports projects collided with gorgeous sparks, ldquo; football baby rdquo; The second Volvo new XC60 pre-game football training camp is a beautiful landscape.

In two ldquo; national team RDQUO; accepts ldquo; devil rdquo; training, the football baby composed of the towel, the car media, is also in full swing Expand training. League your legs, jump, collectively born hellip; hellip; they will dance in the Green Field of the game, showing the trial fusion movement, showing the car person’s choice.

The new XC60 appeared in a comprehensive rejuvenation

In addition to the football star, the two team players and football bales, there is another LDQUO; star rdquo; also is the focus of the whole audience, is right, it is Volvo new XC60.

From the new XC60 with the champion gene, the lead in achieving the lead in the same level, running is more fast; after upgrading 48 volts, start / Generative Machine (B-ISG) can provide additional torque for the engine, compensate for optimization power response, or the start-free engine is quickly free of starting, and there is no helife, and the body law is more integrated.

Type of RECHARGE T8 plug-in hybrid system, power system integrated maximum power 288 kW, comprehensive maximum torque 640 cattle BULL; rice, 100 kilometers acceleration only 5.5 seconds It can be easily entangled. It is also necessary to emphasize that the T8 Recharge model can also go to ldquo; green belly rdquo;, fear is limited to purchase ldquo; red card RDQUO; is the hard truth.

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After completing two days of LDQUO; Hell Training RDQUO; After realizing two teams with football, will have a full-minded ldquo; European sales cup RDQUO; champion mdash; mdash; Volvo new XC60 Taken on the venue tonight, with Fan Zhiyi, Yang Chen, Huang Jianxiang and Volvo Automotive Leaders to open the full high energy passion. Want to get the essence of the feet in the Get Football? Want to understand the ldquo of the pre-training camp; comprehensive transformation of RDQUO; results? Want to know who the crystal trophy flower is? In the evening of June 11th, the Wolvo XC60 listed on the evening, when the car is broadcast live broadcast, please pay attention!

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