FAW – technical guidance occasional abnormal sound when Volkswagen models glass lift

relates to a vehicle: FAW – VW all models.

the contents of failure: In the section above the vehicle window regulator process may issue “creak” abnormal sound.

After checking, issuing the window glass has abnormal sound film, internal and external pressure of the check, normal glass installation, there is no appearance of signs of damage. Glass abnormal sound similar hard objects falling glass scratch “buzzing” sound, a rubber-like extruded glass rises abnormal noise sound. Remove the door shield maintenance personnel, abnormal sound persists, further removing the bead, abnormal sound disappears, found somewhere within the bead woven suede abnormality folded (FIG. 1).

FIG exist in the abnormal folded bead 1

will rise to the top glass, the bottom of the glass film was found broken. This is most likely the site of an abnormal noise. (figure 2).

FIG 2 the bottom glass film broken

textured readjust the bead, glass elevating again, abnormal sound remains. The maintenance personnel eliminate the bottom portion of the glass film damage, the inner pressure of the install again, to eliminate abnormal sound.

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