FAW-Volkswagen 2021 Hunan May International Auto Show

The era is running forward, and the wise is in the time. After thirty generation of Guanghua flow, FAW-Volkswagen’s rejuvenation, on April 30, 2021, in the eyes of all the attention, the new all-round flagship SUV Talagon was shocked to debut in Hunan Auto Show in FAW Volkswagen South China, and appeared in the Star City. The activities are governed by the media friends, industry elites and car owners, together with social backbone, together with the visual feast of intelligent evolution and classic aesthetic collision, more comprehensive display of FAW-Volkswagen Strategic layout South China Market confidence.

2021 Hunan May International Auto Show FAW-Volkswagen Booth

Since the past year, FAW-Volkswagen It is very extraordinary, enough to be deeply remembered. FAW-The public endured the test of the market, after being baptized, still changing the trend, standing in the industry. Under the contribution of the public brand 128,000 years, FAW-Volkswagen became a passenger car company in the country in China in China, but also accumulated a high potential energy for its long-term development, but also the transformation and upgrading of China Automotive Industry. New kinetic energy is injected.

FAW-Volkswagence launched a new all-round flagship SUV model, not only the expansion of the product from the A-level SUV to B-level SUV, but also the excellent time to show its market position. Create a truly flagship, luxurious SUV, challenge the luxury brand is an inevitable choice for the public. The release of the new car catering to market demand, it is advisable, and it is reflected in the back. It is the determination and strength of the vigor of the public.

The new all-round flagship SUV is listed to create the latest generation of digital cockpit

to FAW-Volkswagen Said that 2021 is very important, FAW-Volkswagen 30th Anniversary, is a glorious history, but also an enormous journey. Enter the first half of 2021, FAW-Volkswagen, grab the opportunity, new car, rush to the consumer to fly “rush” with a new gesture. This year, the Hunan Auto Show, FAW-Volkswagen launched a new product of large SUV markets, introduced the latest generation of digital clocks for the public guests.”True face” with aesthetics, luxury, and wind, let the guests have a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of this new all-round flagship SUV.

FAW-Volkswagen debut in Hunan International Auto Show

Volkswagen brand new all-round flagship SUV Talagon The Chinese is officially named “Officer”, which is different from the name sequence of the family, represents a new brand image and a higher brand positioning. “Take” symbolizes the user’s mind, the landscape of the world, “the state” embarrassing the perfect balance of users and careers. The country is tailoring, new, all-round, and flagship is its label. It is not only a FAW-Volkswagen 30th Anniversary Brand, but also an important model for realizing the improvement of brand value, practicing the brand ‘s strategy.

FAW-Volkswagen new all-round flagship SUV-branch

From the appearance and interior, With the latest Volkswagen brand’s latest SUV design language, LCD instrumentation and central control, with suspended central console, create the latest digital cockpit. The whole department provides 6 and 7 configurations, the space is unusually flexible, truly public-private and private, high-cost model equipped with 2.5T V6 engine, matching the latest DQ501 gearbox and 4motion four-drive system, can both travel, but also off-road Exploration is a true all-round model. In addition, the laminar is 51,52 mm, the axial distance is 2980 mm, with the largest size of the mainstream large SUV, its high-end cross-section configuration, combined with the most advanced, most complete intelligent technology, let the affordability beyue the masses , New flagship for luxury models.

FAW-Volkswagen Luxury Interior

As we all know, South China has huge economic development potential, here There are the country’s largest growth in the automotive market, and the consumer group here also pays attention to personality at the same time. Based on the principle of satisfying the diversification of South China consumers, the country is redefinedThe SUV design concept, meets the needs of users, truly realizes the IKEA to cross-country, and do high-end all-around the true flagship. The country is in a flash-the public, it can be said to be a brand upholic ax, on the one hand, the gap of the company’s SUV lineup, let the SUV army combat power multiplied; on the other hand, to exceed the product strength of the public brand, is FAW- The public opened a new path to the luxury market.

With personalization, electricization, and consumption upgrade, FAW-Volkswagen is innovative, and the road is steady, and it is perfect to achieve the sedan, SUV, and new energy “three driving carriage drivers”. I believe that the Thirty-established FAW-Volkswagen will continue to improve the product layout, bring us more surprises, with higher user value, give back to the market’s love.

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