FAW – Volkswagen Magotan will be listed on December 18, put on new clothes as

FAW – Volkswagen Magotan meet new Guangzhou Motor Show in 2019 and consumers, today we learned that the new car will be listed on December 18. Here we take a look at the upcoming 8.5-generation MAGOTAN what has changed compared to the old models.

new Magotan family has two new cars, they were Magotan fuel version and Magotan GTE (plug-in hybrid vehicles ), where the appearance of the new Magotan family using the latest design language, the front face of the overall shape compared to the old model has been adjusted, such as a new car within the grille at increasing the lattice chrome, headlight group while also modeling fine-tuning, but also increased the bottom of chrome and piano black decor, compared with cash look gives the impression becomes complicated.

with FIG. is magotan GTE

new models MAGOTAN fuel LWH 4865/1832 / 1471mm, wheelbase 2871mm. In detail, the new Magotan have four wheels for consumers to choose, and Magotan models GTE shape similar to the use of turbofan blades exclusive style wheels, height and body size in addition to fuel version Magotan same.

the rear portion and the front face of the same the same become more sophisticated, LOGO below extra MAGOTAN models English identity, However, recently the public good several new models have adopted this design, Volkswagen designers could really heard “the public afraid of the stem with a letter.” But after adding the mother of English is really tall on some, do not look carefully I thought it was really Phaeton it.

new Magotan car interiors little change compared to the old models, fuel switching to the new version of the model, three-spoke style Multi-function steering wheel and a full LCD meter, while in the control display screen has also been improved. But the biggest improvement should be the internal configuration of the upgrade, according to official sources, the newMagotan with L2 + stage driver assistance systems, lane keeping support for the new car, anti-collision warning, automatic parking, traffic sign recognition, while supporting 0-160km / h full speed Adaptive cruise function.

Dynamic part, new models have MAGOTAN fuel for consumers to choose a variety of power, which turbo engine 1.4T maximum power of 150 hp, 250 Nm of torque middot; m; low power 2.0T turbocharged engine maximum power of 186 hp, 320 Nm of torque middot; m; high power 2.0T turbocharged engine maximum power of 220 horsepower, peak torque 350 bovine middot; m, 7 in addition to match the new car speed dual clutch transmission. GTE new MAGOTAN 1.4T engine using the hybrid system of the motor, which is integrated power 211 hp, 400 Nm of torque middot; m, matching DQ400E gearbox. Also with the new GTE magotan 13kWh battery pack can be purely electrical endurance 56km.

new Magotan family upcoming December 18 listed, but according to the public consistent pricing style, just listing the new Magotan price should not be too low, the latter will have a certain level of benefits, but exactly how let us try to be right.

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