Five-screen linkage! Jaguar XEL mid-term facelift on the market, the new 3 Series are going to be shocked you?

Introduction | BBA different from the motion

November 29, mid-term facelift Jaguar XEL listed in Shanghai ushered in the conference.

ever since the Jaguar XE product was born, he was given a three-line benchmarking BMW mission. Period also experienced domestic lengthened, and will have XEL, since then started competing in all respects with three lines.

Although the product XEL and three lines from different countries, each representing the concept cars. But they both have many similarities, such as the same drive, they all have a good front and rear weight ratio of 50:50, and control of all the main sports cars.

in the first half three-line BMW ushered in a new generation, a new car fans the same reaction on the driving experience more comfortable, and more luxurious interior, yet consistent stick handling declined.

The XEL mid-term facelift Chery Jaguar, we take a look at what changes, three new lines and also whether one can fight it have?

▎ Appearance: “follow suit with the flow”, a car two

a new change XEL the old section only a single appearance design, design a car two, the introduction of elegant series and sports series two models. Looking at the Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 3 Series and coming Sania Cadillac CT5, have adopted two of the layout of a car, Jaguar managed to keep up with the pace of the luxury brand.

series of elegant dot matrix pattern in the network, a fog area of ​​the decorative strip through; series moved relatively dense mesh grille, fog irregular polygonal design area, it appears to be more aggressive.

mentioned in the network, we haveSaid the new system comes standard with active all-XEL grille, this is compared to the three new lines did not fall.

with the rear side not change, the addition of the new band width light LED, the enclosing patterns do some modifications, into a traversing network structure.

Interior ▎: seemingly has not changed, the actual changes

Since the XEL medium-term facelift, the overall layout of the interior has not changed much.

However, if you are careful enough, you will find a lot of the details still become.

such as the new-style steering wheel, dashboard original double-barrel type becomes full 12.3 inch TFT LCD virtual meter.

The air conditioning control region and the shift change is particularly evident region. Rotating the shift mechanism is replaced by a new Sport Shift shifting mechanism; + conditioning control region by the touch key dial instead of the original design, this design new models and Rover is quite similar design is not?

In addition, the linkage should be a maximum five-screen change part of the interior.

In addition to the just described over the entire liquid crystal instrument, as well as in the control of the infotainment system of 10.2 inches and 5.5 inches down configuration screen, and the upper and lower display screen may independently control.

Also, “two-screen” super-wide angle is streaming inside mirror, the second-generation high-definition full-color head-up display system.

▎ inherent: Front car suspension, lighter frame

aspects of the new with the old models XEL power remains unchanged, still equipped Ingenium2.0T turbocharged engine.

Since the positioning movement at the same time, the vehicle body is stable under the foot work.

F-TYPE aluminum Jaguar car models with a front double-wishbone suspension is also used on the new XEL.

Torque vectoring entire system may be equipped with actively regulated cornering ability, automatic correction and reduce understeer during cornering, thereby obtaining a more stable body posture.

vehicle lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum ratio close to 75 percentage, which undoubtedly makes the mass of the vehicle lighter, but also a way to reduce fuel consumption.

to see the sincerity of XEL, car poly-Jun could not help thinking of a new three-line but is made after the anti-roll bars have been castrated, is this is not no comparison hurt you?

▎ comparison: slightly smaller space, the price is dominant

who is superior, Bibi know, to and of course, than the rival BMW than a three-line.

on time to market three new lines of low-power version of the 2.0T already on the market in the first half, while the high power version is also listed in November, but low-power version of the temporary benefits may be bigger than the Jaguar XEL, three-line market for new and more familiar.

The XEL overall pricing should be a little lower than the new three-line, if the latter “Qizhe Leopard” and then play a little bit, then the price is definitely a big advantage.

on the

size, compared to the new XEL three lines, can beTo say that a shorter, wider, lower, and predicted XEL has a more flexible body, but of the specific circumstances remains to be comparative test drive.

wheelbase of the new three-line still to be slightly longer than XEL, and sure enough on the new three-line comfort and luxury of going farther and farther.

on the power output, i.e., a brief summary: XEL low power version has a better dynamic parameters, high-power version of the new data on the three lines also have a distinct advantage . However, 0-100km / h accelerating, XEL whole system to be slower than the new three-line. So sometimes the data really are not everything, the actual performance is the most powerful proof.

are both biased movement of the suspension, but the suspension from the front Jaguar F-TYPE-aluminum double-wishbone, in the driving control may be surpassed experience a chip, this is only speculation Jun poly car, later found and then share with you.

car poly Summary

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As can be seen facelift XEL designer is also a lot of effort, a new car in many respects are struggling to curry favor with young consumers. Generally speaking, XEL on sports or do a lot of reservations, and even some extra extension, that become “no longer BMW” This is not a new three-line.

specifically how the same car was waiting for the market to consider, after all, the market is reflected in relatively objective.

In addition, with the passage of the new three-line release time to market, sales performance also began to pick up. Domestic front luxury brand sales in October are still BBA sit back, so that can never underestimate the German luxury brand in the country’s influence and recognition. In addition to BBA, second-tier luxury brand camp CT5, S60 strength can not be underestimated, waiting Jaguar XEL will be a great battle.

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