For sale 13.27-1527 million yuan, there are “careful thinking” behind the Geely Xingrui time-space version.

Compared to the past incremental market, now in the stock market, a new car is relatively stronger and more attractive points, in order to have a bigger probability to break through the market. Especially in a more competitive market segment, such as compact cars. In these two three years after the domestic auto market turned from incremental market to the stock market, there was a new car eventually “泯 泯 矣”, but also have breakthrough success, such as Geely Star Rui.

Geely Star Rui has listed in November last year, 75,333, 7 months, 6 months, monthly sales Thousands of achievements are enough to show that they are favored by consumers. On June 11th, Xingrui once again launched a time and space version of the model, priced at 13.27-1527 million yuan, a total of two models. After new models have been added, Xingrui currently has a total of 7 models. So what is the difference between the Star Rui Time and Space Edition model and normal version? And Xingrui listed for half a year, adding new cars, what is the intention behind it? With regard to Xingrui Shi-Empty Edition, we will talk.

gradually improved in the number of young consumer groups The current, personalized, more identified design helps “out of the circle”. Xingrui’s new time and space version of the model has made many changes in the look. The new car has joined the exclusive “Cangshu ash” body color, and also front grill, LED headlight, outer rearview mirror, window trim , The rear taillights and tail bars are used to use a very dark design to make this color visual rejuvenation.

In addition, Xingrui time-space version also uses a new design star wheel and Mikin 18-inch tires. And added a red brake caliper, and then matched with the tail black hide and bilateral exhaust pipe design, the whole vehicle added a lot of dynamic atmosphere. These changes in appearance have enabled Xingrui Time and Space Edition integrates a lot of militant elements on the basis of the original atmosphere.More personal and identity. And from the perspective of pursuing personalized users, “official reform” can also omit a certain amount of personalized changes after the purchase of a car is omitted. Time and money.

Xingrui time-space version has also changed some changes in terms of internal decoration, although new car interior design layout and ordinary The version is not consistent, but there is a small difference in visual view. First, the interior materials of the new car have joined Italian imported Alcantara suede materials to package, and the aurora green sewing shuttles in the seat, door panel and steering wheel.

In addition, laser engraving 3D technology is also used in the middle control panel, and the seat head is also added. Aurora “CMA” words, emphasizing Xingrui buddy in Geely CMA architecture, even the color of the space-time version of the seat belt is also very bright. The design such as such a design allows the Xingrui Shi-Empty Edition’s internal impact. In addition to these changes in the appearance interior, the time-space version of the model continues the level of Xingrui’s cross-sectional configuration, and is still equipped with the power assembly of the Volvo Drive-E 2.0T engine +7 speed wet dual-clutch alternative. The author believes that the launch of the time and space version can not only make the consumer to form a memory point to Xingrui, but also the new car appearance and interior style also shows the adjustability of the Star Rui Rui, and personalized, young The integration of the trend elements has also increased its weight in the heart of the young consumer group.

Xingrui this car is available only Half a year, why is it to push the time and space with the speed of the Thunder? Increasing its competitiveness in the market is only one of the purposes, and the deeper intention is to meet the diversified needs of young consumers. As we all know, in recent years, the high-frequency Slogan is coming to the young consumption group, but in the eyes of the author, many new cars are actually flowing on the surface, and there is no all-round truly group to build a group. Car,For example, if there is a high-quality appearance interior, the intelligence of the car system does not keep up with the current mainstream level. And Xingrui itself has the strength of the grade, now adds the time and space version of the model, so that Xingrui can meet the needs of high intelligence, energetic and high space when purchasing the car, and then make up the personalization. The appearance interior design This “sector” is more comprehensive to meet the diversified needs of young consumer groups.

In the stock market, the voice of listening to consumers is a “compulsory repair” class”. Only after understanding the real voice and needs of the consumer, you can change the product to the product, and you can get more consumers’ hiking, and the Xingrui time-space version is Geely after listening to the sound of the previous user feedback. The product added. So from the brand level, this practice has also strengthened the link between the vehicle enterprises and users, and the user’s sense of belonging to the brand, and this is the development of the brand, which undoubtedly has positive help.

In the past half a year, Xingrui has a hard product strength Opening a road in this segment of the competitive compact sedan, today’s short-term version of the model, or will have better blessings. In addition, the launch of the time-space version of the model can also be regarded as a practice of Geely Automobile users thinking, from both products and brands, bringing higher value to consumers. Therefore, it is better and better to believe that the Shou Rui Rui is a follow-up market performance.

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