Force younger market! A new generation of Beijing Hyundai ix25, accepted the listing

Recently, the Beijing Hyundai for young people to build two new cars, a new generation and a new generation ix25 accepted officially listed in Chongqing. Which introduced four new generation ix25 configuration models, priced at 10.58-13.68 yuan; accepted a new generation of launch four models, priced at 7.28-9.68 yuan.

Beijing Modern to create a “do YOUNG youth-based action” plan to purchase for young consumers: two new users can enjoy a three-year 100,000 km navigate worry-free guarantee, and a three-year interest-free preferential policies. In addition, a new generation of exclusive ix25 owners can also purchase tax subsidies of 5,000 yuan and 2,000 Yuanben product substitution subsidies, three years BlueLink vehicle remote control car networking services, as well as 1-year 10G QQ music, Baidu map service.

nearly 400 media and Beijing Hyundai fans, distribution , suppliers and other partners, together joined the conference. The strength to sing Tan Weiwei, the new generation of rock icon and Yao Gang White For Orchestra, 99 parks, Zhou Dian Austria and other singers have appeared, renowned orchestra also designed for two new custom adaptation of “You Cool”, sing “is this middot; YOUNG “youthful attitude.


generation ix25 [ 123]

a new generation ix25 from the personality and attitude of young people practical car needs, by appearance, space, intelligence, safety and fuel consumption, such as full of innovation, to create a more intelligent, smarter product value experience.

car uses “Sensuous Sportiness “(emotional movement) design concept, the front face of the polygon exaggerated front grille, split LED automatic headlights, high recognition. Larry body color, floating roof and slightly fastback styling, increased trend fashion elements.

interior configuration, the new car at the same level in the first application of ambient lighting, with a large light collecting area and panoramic sunroof .12.3 inch large size digital meter, digital display in place of the pointer, can display different colors according to four driving mode.

a 10.4-inch screen using the same level in the control first vertical suspension design, design retains the vertical screen phones, tablet PCs operating habits, a touch key replace the traditional key operation, integrated multimedia keys and air conditioning controls, a more convenient operation.

car Baidu intelligent network system equipped with 3.0, the semantics can achieve more control, you can achieve the car home connectivity, and navigation linkage Oil reminders. Accustomed to a cell phone for young solve all the problems, the new generation of mobile phone Bluetooth key ix25 will bring more convenience intelligence experience. Paired with the vehicle, the user does not need to carry a key player door switch, start the vehicle, but also real-time remote monitoring of vehicle condition, and will share the car to a friend to use.

security, car 10 provides integrated functions similar ADAS most intelligent driving assistance system, wherein the lane keeping assist (the LFA), blind spot display system (BVM), 360deg; panorama image (SVM) and other common functions, also at the same level in a unique configuration.

equipped with a new car for the first time Hyundai Smart StreIt is a new generation of engine platform, with the new intelligent CVT transmission, can create a low fuel consumption 5.3L / 100km’s. In addition, the new car is also equipped with the same level for the first time the unique snow, mud and sand three kinds of traction mode selection, through good results.


a new generation accepted

to accept a new generation of young and dynamic design, rich intelligent security configuration and fuel consumption 4.9L / 100km, and for the young bring trendy, ease of selection.

is an inverted trapezoidal shape and smooth front face front grille, metallic, and a headlight “crystal jewelery” sense, and the whole body integration, dynamic. Side looked smooth flow line, quite coupe charm. Tail three-dimensional design, aesthetic design reinforced rear light, and prototype differentiation sporty black surface and a lower bumper trim, and optimized for a new shark fin antenna 16-inch five-spoke alloy wheel design petal etc., are more in line with the aesthetic of young people present.

a new car equipped with leading smart travel safety system, the integration of lane departure warning system (LDWS), electronic stability systems (ESC), hill assist system (HAC), indirect smart tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) and so on. Added front collision warning brake system (FCA), driver fatigue remind (DAW), lane keeping assist (LKA) and intelligent adjust the distance light (HBA) intelligent safety equipment, to achieve a vehicle occupant and travel between environmental factors interact freely, can bring more safe and convenient driving experience.

At the same time, the new car upgrade technology configuration, to meet young people’s car experience. 8 inches in the control touch screen display, operating system-specific integration and Baidu support CarLife phone network, 12.3-inch LCD digital display dashboard more intuitive, LCD intermediate condition can hold more information. In addition, the car in its class for the first time the phone is equipped with wireless charging function, equipped with intelligent trunk, reverse image of the car and then upgrade in security and convenienceA height.

power, equipped with efficient 1.4L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum horsepower 100ps, maximum torque 132Nmiddot; m, matching 6MT / CVT gearbox, 100 km fuel consumption as low as 4.9L, six countries to meet emission standards, the drag coefficient is 0.29.

a new generation and a new generation ix25 accepted, Beijing Hyundai are based on domestic demand to create market differentiation models, but also in consumers become more the context of the younger launched products.

I remember five years ago when a small SUV had just begun, Beijing modern seize the opportunity to launch the ix25, it has sold 380,000 so far. This time, the “high color value, large space, high intelligence, low fuel consumption, strong safety” as the core strengths of the new generation ix25, after the listing and Bin Chi, XR-V and T-Cross and other models to compete, and with Ang Heanor, the fourth generation of Tucson, the fourth generation and the new generation Santa Fe ix35 together to form a more perfect Beijing Hyundai SUV matrix, the market was worth the wait.

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