Ford brand new pickup MAVERICK spy photos is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T power

Recently, there were overseas media exposed a group of Ford’s new pickup card -maverick’s spy photos on the production line, the new car as a medium-sized pickup model, will be officially released in the spring of 2021 and listed in the US market at the end of the US market.

As a member of the Fordka family, MAVERICK is positioned in a double-row of medium-sized pickups, using very identified front face design, C-shaped headlight group and The rectangular grill is connected, with a thick front bumper shape, showing the design idea of ​​Ford Classic leather card, so that the whole vehicle style looks extremely rough.

Ford MAVERICK Suspension]

Although the new car looks quite similar to Ford other pickups, according to overseas media exposure The chassis spy photos are concerned, the new car does not use non-carrier body design, but use the same front drive platform as Ford Bronco Sport, and uses the torque beam after the suspension design.

Ford MAVERICK fake picture of overseas media]

, new cars will share power assembly with Ford Bronco Sport, provide 1.5T turbine Press-line 3-cylinder engine and 2.0T turbocharger inline four-cylinder engine, the former maximum power is 245 hp, peak torque 372 cattle · rice; the latter maximum power 181 horsepower, peak torque 257 cattle · rice, transmission system matches 8 speed automatic transmission In addition to new cars or will provide a four-wheel drive system optional.

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