Ford conqueror ST road test spy photos exposure with new headlight group

Ford, an Expedition, who had been exposed many times before, and this overseas media accidentally captured its high-performance version – the road test spy photos of the conqueror ST, and based on long-axis version of the model Create, this is also this American large SUV first launched a performance version.

From a spy photos, the new car still maintains a huge and square body shape. The new headlight group design is different from the old style, with a honeycomb nety air grille, which is different from the previous advocated large-scale chrome-plated decoration. In addition, the new car will be equipped with smoky six-speed rims and red brake calipers, which rarely appear in the past products.

In contrast, the design of the new car tail is not too changed, and the new taillight group is designed with LED light source. The lower bumpers are more concise, but they do not do any decoration for exhaust, maintain this thick single-sided double design.

In terms of power, the new car will continue to carry 3.5T double turbocharged V6 engine, but will be re-adjusted, it is reported that the maximum power or reach 457 hp, peak torque 651 cattle · Rice, thereby conforming to the performance standard of the ST family. In addition, there is news, saying that Ford will launch a model of a more off-road attribute for the new conquest, and named the conqueror Timberline.

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