Ford Edition “Tank 300” Bronco sells explosion roof detachable standard 2.3T price civilians

In the country, the civilian version of the hard-owned cross-country tank 300 sells, in May, the tank 300 sold 6090 units, the same increase of 10.7%, and the total sales of 25,913 were sold in January-May. In the market terminal, this hard-paid off-road vehicle is still in short supply, and has become one of the highest scratch models of fans.

Recently, the car market came from new news, the Ford version of “Tank 300” – Ford Bronco orders have skyrocketed and will be delivered. In the United States, this model is more hot than the tank 300, and the number of orders of the harvested order is as high as 125,000. Moreover, the price of this model is very close, the two version models are about RMB 190,000, and some fans are evenly made, and the model is quite high.

It is worth mentioning that Ford Bronco does do it, the new car is divided into two and four-door version and detachable version. The detachable ceiling is high, and it is very attractive for off-wild flies. After Bronco dismantles the roof and the door, BRONCO is a properly convertible. Four-door version of the Bronco roof is divided into four major pieces detachable area, and there is a unique flip function, it is easy to open, it can take the roof.

The interior of the interior is inserted with an appearance, and the black interiors cooperates, and the orange-yellow accessories are added, and the suture is also Same as the body color, increase the overall vitality of the model. Internal size inserted central control screen, it is not a sense of technology, but it is more comfortable than traditional hard veterans. Previously, some media leaks, the size of the four-door version of Bronco was: length 4878mm, width 1925mm, height 1734mm, and the shaft distance is 2850mm. This size has an advantage than the size of the large 5 crown, more than a circle of domestic tanks 300, is a beautiful hard style.

In the power, Ford Bronco is more powerful than the tank 300, all-line standard 2.3T engine, equipped with 7-speed MT and 10AT, data is also very powerful, maximum horsepower 270 horses, maximum torque 420nmiddot ; m. Of course, Ford’s famous 2.7The T V6 engine is not absent, but as an optional equipment, the data of this engine is better, but only the manual transmission can be matched. It seems that this is the equipment prepared for pure car players.

Ghost Truck View: It can be seen from Ford Bronco, global consumers like hard-owned off-road, regardless of domestic tank 300 or American Ford Bronco, has many fans. At present, whether the new car will introduce official news in China, but at least parallel imports can be bought, so the off-road players can pay more attention to this model, but they have to go to the country, the price should not be like the United States. La. In this regard, what is the view of the fans, leave a message to the ghost brother.

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