Ford F150 bravely top, V6 four-drive off-road and luxury perfect combination

Ford F150 bravely seven SUV appearance, very dynamic, interior luxury, rich configuration, and motor performance, off-road vehicle full terrain heavy power and luxury sedan ride, huge square The silver-chromium grille is inlaid in the middle of the Ford, plus the newly designed bumper and engine cabin, making the front of the shocking impact.

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Ford F150 bravely uses 3.5TT double Turbocharged V6 engine, matching 10-speed hand-in-one gearbox, can break out 381 horsepower, power 280KW, torque reaches 672 N N rice, which can be a luxury violent beast; Ford Brady is retaining its prototype car is powerful At the same time, it is reasonable to use the tail box space to create a large luxurious 7-seat commercial vehicle.

Ford brave interior, new car interior design still follows the most valerian style, brown interior with wood grain decorative board and carbon fiber kit look More luxurious movement, color is completed with the appearance of the earth, and more stable and heavy.

The rigid off-board table board, carbon fiber decorative strip, and independent rear row control buttons in the lower side, adjustable air conditioning The wind is exhausted, the top of the whole car is adjusted, the air purifier below guarantees the intact air environment in the car, and the whole car uses imported yacht grapebowns, and it is better.

The second row adopts the super-equipped leather-covered avionics, eight electric adjustment, front and rear, back, leg, headrest, one-button Adjusting is more convenient, seat ventilation heating massage is essential;

The three-row seat is designed with electric sofa bed, which can pass the central control hidden handrail. The screen will be controlled, and the seat can be four or six separately, to adjust the most comfortable position, the three-row seat control screen adds multi-color automatic adjusted atmosphere light, which can be saidDetail is full.

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