Ford Maverick first version of the real car exposure or sell limited sales

Recently, Ford’s new entry pick-up MAVERICK first version (First Edition) is exposed, this car can be seen as the “top-top” version, which is upgraded on the basis of the original top, expected limited Sales.

From the appearance, the first version will use the exclusive kit, which contains personalized coatings, such as front engines. Black coating on the cabin and black texture of the side skirt. In addition, the new car will also provide two types of rims, and the normal version will provide 18-inch rims, and the FX4 version will be equipped with a 17-inch off-road rim. Other details, the car will have black outer rear view, the body is the same color door handle, black soft cargo portrait. The long-width height of the new car is 5072mm / 1844mm / 1745mm, and the wheelbase is 3076mm.

The configuration is basically equipped, we can see the Ford’s password lock from the B column, with an 8-inch LCD display in the car, support Apple and Android The mobile phone is interconnected, and it also supports the Wi-Fi function in the car, and the audio is equipped with 8 speakers’ BAMP; O audio system.

The power part, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T ECOOST engine, its maximum power is 253 hp, peak torque is 376 cattle, meter, matching 8-speed automatic transmission, standard version is a former driving type, four Volumerate option. At the same time, the car will also provide 2.5L mixed version, the total system is 193 horsepower, matching the CVT transmission, only the predeflow version is provided. It is worth mentioning that as the minimum skin card currently produced by Ford, this car is $ 1.9 million in the US, with a renminbi less than 130,000.

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