Ford’s most beautiful coupe SUV value is too hot 1.1 meters large screen + 2.0T listed

The new Hanlana earned the eyeball in the SUV market, various price analysis, configure exposure, competition contrast, and shot. It takes important positions on major media bits. Indeed, in the SUV market, Hanlanda has been very “God”, the old, the end of the product life cycle, now still a penny is not cheap, and it also makes a nervous atmosphere, saying that this generation classic Can’t buy it.

However, the car market is like this, and other brands have seen Han Lan to “decided” and started to attack. Another medium-sized SUV model has been debuted. A few days ago, Ford started counterattack, the first new coupe SUV, look at the value, it can be called the most beautiful coupe, which is Ford EVOS ST-line. It is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year. So, what is the amount of this new car today?

In this era of face, do not talk too much. Ford Evos ST-LINE is not very “Ford” design, the American Trust-style Founded with hard, completely abandoned by this new SUV. Instead, it is more exaggerated and sharp lines. The front face is very visual impact, polygonal intake grille + double-side sharp headlights + ST-LINE surrounded, the identity is extremely high, and the unique people are different.

Interior equipment is very material. Now, young people like technological sense, like big screen. It turned out that this big screen appeared in Mercedes, Tesla. However, the intelligent era has arrived, all car brands have no big screen, and three thousand models are installed on the models. But this time, Ford “shocked people”, launched 1.1 meters of large-scale, completely pressed the momentum of the competitor. It is reported that Ford will also have a very powerful intelligent interconnection system, whether it is voice, remote or navigation, entertainment, can be realized. The report shows that this model has facial recognition and gesture identification.

The previous declaration information shows that the length / width / height of the new car is 4920/1920 / 1600mm, and the wheelbase is 2945mm. This dimension is better than Hanlanda and the crown. Of course, in hard core, Ford Evos ST-Line will take Ford’s fourth generation EcoBoosT 2.0T engine + 8AT gearbox, the data is explosive, the maximum power is 238 horsepower, the peak torque is 393 Nm, which is stronger than the 2.0T data of the sold.

Ghost Truck View: In the past, the product of the US SUV with domestic consumers is always not high, so these models have no Japanese models. However, this model is very tidal, equipped with a large-screen large screen, and hard core power equipment. From the product power, each trick is playing in the hearts of Chinese consumers, but can fans willing to pay? This also look at the final model price. If the price is “close”, it is sufficiently attractive to fans. For this new car, what is the idea of ​​fans, give a message to the ghost brother.

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