Ford’s newest crossover vehicle suspected exposure next generation Mondeo wagon crossover

Recently, some media captured is testing a Ford crossover, wagon car has the overall shape and ground clearance significantly improved next generation Mondeo suspected cross-border travel edition models.

can be seen from the photos, the vehicle is still in the relatively early stages of testing a chassis, a vehicle body using a lot of cash camouflage Fox member. The test vehicle from the rear trailing Escape working vehicle can be judged, the vehicle body structure should be tested wagon, in particular, the overall size of the cash Fox significantly longer than the wheelbase. And a high ground clearance, we concluded that cross-border travel version of the next-generation Mondeo, the final production version of the concept is expected to be similar to the shape of the Subaru Legacy, Volvo V90 CC, using wagon body and the lower body with a plastic protective structure .

Since Ford announced to stop selling car products in North America last year, people have been guessing what will what model to replace Fusion (Mondeo) this popular family cars. With the advent of this set of spy photos, identity Fusion successor gradually clear. As this crossover wagon will not appear in the Chinese market in the future, let us wait and see.

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