Ford’s released a new official figure of pure electric SUV

with the national environmental regulations become more stringent, more and more car manufacturers are speeding up the steps of his new energy, is not limited to its own brand, a number of joint-venture brands, imported brands also pay attention up, while Ford is one of them. According to the relevant foreign media broke the news, Ford will launch a pure electric SUV in 2020, and named mach-E. Today’s article, we take a look at this car together.

radical design eye-catching

Although about mach-E, Ford officials did not give any definite news , but the foreign fans and media who all have exposed the imaginary figure of the car. From the virtual map view, the design mach-E will be a more radical and eye-catching. The front face with a pure electric vehicle’s unique closed grille design, and the use of lines outline the shape of the mouth, with the glow of the Pony Logo, can really give people the feeling of an impact.

More information

It is reported that, mach-E will be mounted on each of the fore motor, particularly the output power has not yet been learned. It is known, mach-E in WLTP conditions of pure electric mileage up to 482 kilometers, so the results seem to be the current market in the first echelon level. Expected from the sale price mach-E will be about $ 40,000, and the 2020 debut on the market. Of course, from the current market price of view, the biggest rival mach-E might be from the Tesla Model Y.

Summary: Although there is not much information, but netizens discussion is very intense, showing the car’s attention It is still very high. Ford also hope that as soon as some of the official can reveal more information about the mach-E, we will continue to update everyone.

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