Frankfurt Motor Show Audi S6 official starter equipped with 2.9T power

In the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Audi S6 sedan and Avant wagon version of the official starter (hereinafter referred to S6). As a high-performance version of the new Audi A6, the new S6 on the inside and outside design more emphasis on mobility. Power, the local version of the model EU 3.0T V6 diesel engine equipped with a light mixing system + 48V, the maximum power of 350 horsepower and peak torque of 700 Nm.

appearance, the new A6 sports package S6 difference compared to the very limited edition model, the former two surrounded by exactly the same shape, only embellished by adding silver trim, further enhancing the ferocity of the front face. At the same time, S models also dress up the front grille of the new style, each horizontal grille bars are made of chrome-plated double, with S6 logos, subtly enhanced performance version of the exclusive sense.

To the side, not much new A6 S6 contrast change, large-size wheels, high-performance brake system, silver exterior mirror housing is S models have been specialty. The rear portion of the main features of the new addition to the bilateral co-S6 four Oval S Series models consistent use of the exhaust gas, but also includes the small-size sedan model in the S6 trunk spoiler. In addition to the above, the new car as a whole to maintain the A6’s profile and layout, very low key. In addition, consumers can choose “blackening whole car” is set, i.e., part of the plastic surround trim, roof rack, outside mirror, the front side window frame of the vehicle in all other glossy black paint, as shown in red official S6 Avant models shown.

Inside, the new S6 also maintained the overall design of the A6 and did not create too much emphasis on sports atmosphere, still reflects a sense of luxury and technological sense. Car equipped with A6 / A6L same S-line models flat steering wheel, instrument panel on the basis of the latter is maintained on the overall design, the addition of wood trim, piano black panel, matte metal trim, with high contrast tone seam line S and leather seats, sports insignia. The new S6 Avant interior sedan and is quite different, which uses a flat circular non-steering wheel, the control panel brushed aluminum, but Audi virtual cockpit with three screen interaction with still continues.

Power, The new S6 offers two power systems in different regions. In Europe local, car mounted 3.0TDI V6 diesel engine, with a turbocharger and an electronic light mixing system 48V, the maximum power of 350 horsepower and peak torque of 700 Nm, transmission speed manual gearbox 8 and the matching four-wheel drive quattro system; in the United States, Asia and Middle East market, new car will be equipped with twin-turbo 2.9TFSI V6 gasoline engine, 48V with light mixing system, the maximum power of 450 hp, 600 Nm of torque, the transmission system matching the same speed manual 8 since one of the gearbox and quattro four-wheel drive system.

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