Frankfurt Motor Show Kia XCeed debut equipped with three kinds of power

In the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Kia compact car XCeed officially unveiled. The car is a hatchback version of the Ceed derivative models, increasing the height of the chassis, and then through dress matt plastic wheel arch trim, etc., to build into a crossover.

Appearance, Kia Tigers used XCeed grille family, the headlight design innovation Edition Ceed basis, to enhance the before the whole recognizable face. Which encloses the front grille and shape have also been adjusted, while still under the front bumper shield silver added to accommodate higher ground clearance.

side view of the vehicle body, surrounded by a black car and roof rack crossover style more apparent. Tail design also has some variations, the tail light and ordinary internal details form a significant difference in Edition, surrounded by completely different style, more dynamic visual effect. Wherein the main body shown in FIG official color “yellow quantum” is unique XCeed models.

XCeed continuation of the overall layout of the interior Ceed, but the details have their own characteristics, such as the center console decorative trim body color yellow, the door interior and seat of yellow double stitching, so that interior atmosphere more relaxed and lively. At the same time, some models of 12.3 inches optional all-digital instrument.

Compared with hatchback hatchback, Kia XCeed significantly increased body size, length and breadth were 4395/1826 / 1490mm, equipped with 16 inches or 18 inches rim, the ground clearance of the vehicle body increases 42mm. Thanks to an increase in body size, Xceed also more practical, trunk storage space reaches 426L, 4/2/4 split ratio rear seats recline fully, may be extended to 1378L.

Power, Kia XCeed provides 1.0T, 1.4T and 1.6T three kinds of displacement gasoline engine, maximum power of 122 hp 142 hp 207 hp and, peak torque of 172 Nm, 242 Nm and 265 Nm. In addition, the new car will provide 1.6T diesel power, maximum power of 117 horsepower. The drive will match the six-speed manual or seven-speed double clutch gearbox. Future car will launch a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

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