Frankfurt Motor Show the new Volkswagen e-up! Officially unveiled

this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, the new Volkswagen e-up! Models officially unveiled. The new car has been upgraded for the power system, larger capacity battery pack delivers the highest 260km of WLTP condition Mileage. In addition the price of new cars in Europe has also been reduced.

The new e-up! Design changed little compared to the previous, the basic continuation of the old models lovely rounded appearance of lines and style, pay more attention to scientific and technological sense on details Making. At the same time, locating miniature car it is still using the four layout, ease of urban commuting, not too many fancy designs.

changes in the interior of the new car is not obvious, dashboard uses a similar body-colored panel design and the Beatles, more prominent personality. Functionally regional distribution, new car interior things simple, practicality is the main point of departure. Configuration, the new e-up! Standard automatic air conditioning, phone App remote view / control charging, Bluetooth interaction, lane departure warning and so on.

power, the new e-up! With a maximum power of 61kW (83 horsepower), peak torque of 212 Nm of the electric motor, with a capacity of 36.8kWh (available capacity 32.3 kWh) battery pack, wLTP condition mileage up to 260km. At the same time, 0-100km / h car acceleration time 11.9 seconds, speed 130km / h. In charging, in fast charge mode, the new e-up! Charge the battery by a 0 to 80% 1 hour.

price, cash e-up! Has been price adjustment in the fourth quarter of 2018, the starting price was reduced from 26,900 euros to 22,975 euros, the new e-up! starting price further reduced to 21,975 euros. After deducting the local German subsidies for new energy, consumer prices actually paid only 17,595 euros (about 138,000 yuan).

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