Frankfurt Motor Show Volkswagen ID.3 production version of the official starter

In the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen has brought public ID.3 series models, including ID.3 and ID.3 1ST. The series models targeted at pure electric compact car, exterior design is quite avant-garde. Because it is pure electric vehicle, the front face of the car has also been distinguished public family tradition powered models. It is reported that, ID.3 1ST production scheduled to begin in late 2019, the first vehicles will be delivered in mid-2020.

In appearance, since ID.3 pure electric vehicle, so the use of the closed face design. Style headlights set slightly higher, with wrap-around LED daytime running lights, making “eyes” looked very sharp. Dimensions, length and breadth of the new car 4261/1809 / 1552mm, wheelbase 2765mm.

Inside, the whole of the liquid crystal instrument panel ID.3 seem relatively simple design, current speed, remaining power, the remaining mileage glance; but is more eye-catching, ID.3 Dangba electronic instrument panel as a single entity, the shift can be achieved by rotating the end portion, while the user can see the current gear to the right of the dashboard. Functionally, the HUD head-up display, voice recognition, the whole liquid crystal instrument panel, OTA upgrade vehicle are provided on the car.

power, a car equipped with the rear motor, 150kW (204Ps), peak torque of 310N · m, speed up to 160km / h. In terms of battery life, public life ID.3 offers three versions: WLTP their life conditions are 330km, 420km and 550km, respectively, for the corresponding battery capacity of 45kWh, 58kWh and 77kWh, pre-open ID.3 1 ST special edition book of life mileage of 420km. When using the ID. Charger Wallbox cassette wall charge, charged in 30 minutes with 290km amount of power required to support. The car factory is expected to produce in mass Germany Zwickau (Zwickau), forward planning for the plant with an annual capacity of 100,000 units.

from the current Volkswagen planning point of view, based on MEB platform to build bigPublic ID.3 electric car will provoke a new round of the burden within the group, which acts as an important role will be the last of an era of “golf” status. In other words, the future of golf will be discontinued, ID.3 will be replaced.

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