Free 号, low fuel consumption, how to choose Wanta Phev and Cr-V Phev?

In recent years, consumers have become higher and higher in new energy vehicles, especially in many restricted cities, have policy benefits such as exemption tax and unlimited, indeed a lot of consumers. Attractive. Even so, the new energy endurance and charging will still have a lot of pure electric car owners who haven’t been in the heart. In this way, there is no mileage anxiety and can enjoy a variety of poor policies, this problem is well solved.

With the expansion of the demand of the plug-in mixed model, more and more car companies have begun to release their own plug-in mixing models. In recent days, in the price range of 25-3 million, the plug-in mixed market ushered in a new member, which is GAC Toyota-Wanta High Performance Edition (hereinafter referred to as Wanta Phev). As we all know, Toyota, Toyota, has always been built in Toyota, and the listing of Wanta Phev will undoubtedly be favored by many Chinese people. However, the CR-V PHEV under Emotion of Dongfeng Honda has accumulated a lot of reputation with the proven oil and reliable, and the verification of several months of market users has also accumulated a lot of reputation. Since these two models have such excellent performance in the field of mixing, in view of their price overlap, this small series will put two models together, see how they should choose between them.

Wanta Phev appearance generally continues Willanda’s design, compared to the fuel version, which uses a new design in the front face with a new design large-size black high-gloss network The grille, the front bumper also added a matte silver trim, which also strengthened the moving atmosphere while reducing visual center. In addition, the side of the PHEV of Venda, in addition to black highlights, the newly added 19-inch five-radioped Y-shaped two-color rim further enhances the motion of the whole vehicle. In addition, the car side of the PHEV of Wanta PHEV is connected to the tail of the car to make out the outline, and the sculpture is more hieracted.

As, the overall shape of Cr-V PHEV continues to use CR-V design, and there is also no surprise in the appearance. However, its front face is enclosed in front of the pendulum, and the side is used in the side of the 18-inch two-color aluminum alloy motor ring, and the tail is addedThese configurations such as PHEV identification are further highlighted. It is a plug-in mixed version.

As the home type SUV, both are not exaggerated in the shape, more, more, consumers, more easily accepted. But in general, I personally think that Wanta’s PHEV’s appearance is more fashionable and exquisite, and I can give me a new visual experience. Perhaps, it may be that Wanta’s PHEV has just launched, and fresh is still.

Wanta PHEV also does not lane the exercise element in the design of the interior design, and the overall use of the layered structure layout, and in the steering wheel, central control The red suture is added to the stage and the seat. Although the overall interior is not talking about luxurious, there is a unique sense of Japanese cars. In addition, the Suspended central control screen size of Wanta Phev is still 12.1 inches, built-in Baidu Carlife and Welink interconnect systems, greatly enhancement performance. As for ride, Wanta PHEV positioned compact SUV, with a length of 4665 * 1855 * 1690mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm. In the actual ride, it is absolutely not to lose the competitive model, and the back row also provides a dual USB socket, and the phone can be kept at any time when traveling.

As for Cr-V PHEV, the interior uses a large amount of soft material decoration, material and workmanship, and the texture. Very prominent. At the same time, it is also equipped with full liquid crystal dashboard and embedded central control multimedia display, which can display battery balance and information of the vehicle, which is very worthy of praise. In addition, the CR-V PHEV seats have been very good, support, and masters, the back row also offers hidden rear seat small table boards, high-priced version also provides the rear row of manipulating skylights, audio The control system such as function makes passengers have more participation in long-distance ride. It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure comfort, the CR-V PHEV rear seat also provides an increase of about 30 degrees of backrest, and thickening the headrest, largeIt has improved the comfort of the rear ride.

From the interior and spatial portion, Xiaobian believes that the size difference between the two cars is not very large. And the back row is also close to the full state, and consumers can choose from their favorite. However, I just mentioned that the CR-V PHEV high-equipped rumors provided manipulatory skylights, audio, etc. I felt more in line with the needs of “a family car”.

“Two Fields” is equipped with a strongway on their own model, so I will take out their entry models in the configuration. Where is the difference between them. Contrast security class configuration, Wanta Phev is slightly higher, with lap airbags, tire pressure display, all car seat belts have not been reminded. As for comfort configuration, CR-V PHEV is higher, such as the addition of panoramic sunroof, active noise reduction, car air purifier, etc., allowing users to be more intuitive in use.

In terms of power, the power assembly of Wanta PHEV is combined with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with a pre-motor, matches the E-CVT stepless gearbox. The maximum power of the engine is 132kW, the maximum torque 224nmiddot; M; the maximum torque of the motor is 270 nmIddot; M, the pure battery life can reach 95km. The CR-V PHEV consists of 2.0L engine and single motor, wherein the engine maximum power is 107 kW, the maximum torque is 175 nmIddot; M; the maximum power of the motor is 135 kW, the maximum torque is 315 nm. In terms of transmission, matching E-CVT dual motor gearbox, pure battery life has 85km. From contrast power and torque, Cr-V Phev is not as good as Wanta Phev, so in the case of sufficient budget, I better suggest that you choose Wirgo Phev.

According to the reference concessions given by the dealer, the current entry version of the Wanta PhevThere is a discount of 9,000 yuan, while CR-V PHEV has a $ 40,000, compared to the latter discounts and a difference between 16,000 yuan. Finally, it is necessary to remind that the CR-V PHEV is only two-wheel-free, and Willanda PHEV has four-wheel drive options. As for who is finally selected, I personally suggest you can join your actual use scenario.

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