Free time and precautions for high-speed travel in the Spring Festival 2021

Spring Festival holiday is scheduled to have a holiday from February 11th to 17th, a total of 7 days. From February 11th to February 17, high-speed free pass.

[Spring Festival high-speed free time is extended?

Spring Festival high-speed free time will not be extended.

High-speed free vehicle ranges below the toll road (including 7), allowing a motorcycle to travel on ordinary toll roads Expressway

1, ensure that the driver’s license can be high speed alone: ​​[123 The driver’s license is over the annual explanation has passed the internship period, which can be high-speed. If you are not satisfied, a senior driver is needed to accompany it.

2, do not fatigue driving:

Continuously driving a motor vehicle for more than 4 hours should be rest, parking is not less than 20 minutes. In fact, if the comfort is not very good, it is not 4 hours, it is already very tired, even sleepy, you can’t open your eyes, you have to pick up your car in time.

3, try to drive during the day:

The daylight is better, the vision is wide, and the high speed is very dangerous in the night. There is no special case without special circumstances. 4, check the vehicle before departure:

Check if the engine of the engine, whether the water tank liquid is within the specified standard. If it is an automatic stop type, you need to check if the transmission oil is missing. If the vehicle in which the vehicle is too large, it should also check whether the actual service life of the timing belt is required to be replaced.

Long-distance driving is likely to have an engine fever, an abnormal air conditioning effect. You can consult your professional maintenance technicians online at any time, because the engine compartment circuit is complicated and easy to appear.

If you appear ldquo during the brake; 嗞嗞 rdquo;Sound, then your brake pads must be replaced immediately. Don’t be lazy, pay attention to the braking, run, high-speed good brake pedal, when the brake, when the brakes are weak, when the brakes are weak, and when the brakes are in the position of the wheel. .

Tire detection essential inspection:

1, first to detect the tire, keep the four-wheel tire pressure.

2, secondly to check the tire wear, pass through the small triangle of the tire side wall, can be judged whether or not the tire should be replaced. If the tire grinding of the coaxial is large, these two tires should also be replaced to ensure that the travel friction in the process of car travel is the same.

3, for each tire to perform the balance detection. The temperature in winter is low, the rubber of the tire will be hard, and the friction coefficient will be greatly reduced, and the tire pressure cannot be too high, but it is not too low. Long-term low gas pressure in extreme low temperatures can accelerate the aging of tires. 4, clean the inclusions of the injection of the injection. Try to avoid using tires that make up more than one tire, replace the wear and different lines of different brands. Internal and external wear in the tires is different, in order to ensure safety, reduce wear, regularly replace the tire.

Headlights do not ignore:

Before departure, you must remember whether you can work properly in advance. If there is already a light bulb that has a black lamp, it should be changed as soon as possible, and the case of the fog lamp brake light is also checked.

In-vehicle liquid inspection is security:

Pay attention to antifreeze, oil oils need to be added before departure. The amount of antifreeze plus is appropriate, and it is changed every two years, but the mixed antifreeze must be replaced one year.

The circuit system of the vehicle is normal:

The battery is most afraid of low temperature if the vehicle is to be parked in the open air or garage, should pay attention to preventing battery icing damage. If the battery is charged, it is easy to crack in severe cold. Don’t intend to self-driving home, pay attention to the long-term parking time, try not to be stored.

Clean the body, guarantee the vehicle window, the mirror is normal:

Temple is frozen, the number of brushing vehicles will also be reduced, if the body is more dirty, or the car glass, the rear view mirror is not clean enough, may affect the line of travel during long-distance driving, bringing unnecessary driving hazards .

Before and after the Spring Festival, the car wash shop was basically rowing the big team, so it is best to make a full clean, do a good preparation for a long time before the long-distance self-driving.

Self-driving home should be brought to vehicle documents and tools:

Spring Festival drives home, remember to bring text documents, important documents should be carried.

If the road is far away, carry the following self-driving standby tools: Navigator, driving recorder, spare tire, spark plug, traction rope, spare oil bucket, emergency light, warning sign, jack, tits, etc.

If it is a lot of driving old drivers, and daily maintenance vehicles, you can use the routine inspection of the vehicle. If it is a novice, it is not familiar with the vehicle, it is best to go to a regular repair shop or 4S shop before departure.

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