From 79,800 yuan, Baojun Valli is officially listed, how do you choose the 4 models?

With the continuous improvement of domestic consumers, the definition of the car is no longer just a simple summary tool. Therefore, consumers choose the model selection range when choosing the car is not limited to the traditional sedan or SUV, sports car, coupe SUV and other small models have gradually received more attention.

It is said that it is as named, sometimes it is the same for the truck as seen. For many people, car often represents their attitude towards life, such as those who buy sports cars, no matter how old age, there is still a blood and passion in my heart; playing off-road is often accompanied by a non-loaded body. Hard vestival; and those who go to the poetry and distant people, what can be more suitable than Roof trucks?

Baojun brand provides a price of the benefits of the people – Baojun Valli. On the evening of June 10, Baojun Valli was officially launched, and the official guidance price was 79,800 to 10.58 million yuan, a total of 4 configurations were launched. So what highlights in Baojun Valli? Which model is worth choose? What is the market prospect of a new car? Xiao Zhi is looking at everyone today.

Whether it is from an appearance or a body size, loading capacity, Baojun Valli is in line with a traveler definition. Next, we will explain in detail on the product highlight of Baojun Valli.

In terms of appearance, Baojun Valli uses a family-cultural design language called “Star Geometry”. Front face part, Baojun Valli’s inverted trapezoidal intake grill fuses with the narrow LED daytime running light, effectively stretching the horizontal visual effect, plus the diamond truck target, so that the head looks very atmospheric. In addition, Baojun Valli also adopted the design of the split headlights and the recognition is high.

The side is always the most attractive angle of a trolley, and the straight tough waist line makes the Baojun Valli’s body side.It is particularly sleepless. In terms of body size, as a compact car, the growth of Baojun Valli is 4685/1806 / 1485mm, and the wheelbase is 2700 mm. At the end, Baojun Valli uses the popular penetration taillight design, and the visual effect after lighting is more eye-catching.

In terms of interior, Baojun Valli’s design is worthy of affirmation, double-fashioned steering wheel and yacht blocking styles are not, and 7-inch LCD instruments and 10.25 inches of central control The screen will make the car in the car and have a sense of science. Although Baojun Valli’s interior material is mainly based on the price, Baojun Valli is mainly based on hard plastics, but it is still improving the quality of the car through black piano paint and silver brushed panel.

Thanks to the body of the ram, Baojun Valli’s rear space is relatively large, especially the head space is more superior to most compact cars. . In the beautiful middle, the Baojun Valli’s back is there in the central ground, and there is no panoramic sunroof. Aspects of seat comfort, the rear seats of Baojun Valli are praise, and the longer seat is very in place for the support of the thigh.

As a trolley, Baojun Valli really advantages or trunk space. The rear seat of the new car supports 4/6 proportions, and the seat is detached, it can be flushed with the trunk, and the space can be expanded to 1800/1200 / 750mm, the load capacity is full, Baojun official A custom mattress is also introduced.

In terms of power, Baojun Valli is equipped with a 1.5T engine, the maximum power is 108kW (147 hp), the maximum torque 250 nmiddot; M. In terms of transmission, Baojun Valli’s automatic stop model matches the analog 8-speed CVT transmission, and the overall tuning is biased towards the smoothness, and therefore it takes into account good fuel economics, and the official fuel consumption is only 6.8L.

Baojun Valli has launched 3 automatic stop models and 1 manual vehicleType, the following Xiao Zhi is to analyze the automatic gear model more appropriate.

Although it is entry type model, but the CVT Yili pasture version is not a focus, reversing radar, reversing image, fixed speed cruise, automatic parking, keyless entry / Starting and other configurations are very practical, and there is no absence of electric sunroof, LED far and 10.25 inch middle control touch screens.

The CVT Dali Sky Edition is also the most recommended version of Xiao Zhi, which has increased the front side airbag, active brake system, 360deg; Panoramic image and full speed adaptive cruise, safety improvement while also alleviating the driver’s driving pressure. In addition, the imitation leather seat, automatic air conditioner, and 6 speakers, etc., also improved the number of vehicles.

As for the top-mounted CVT, the rocky configuration is further improved, and the lane is equipped from warning, lane retention and road traffic identification identification, and also have Mobile phone wireless charging, adaptive far, 9 speakers, and main driving seat memories, etc. More comfortable configurations.

Although the ram is still not mainstreaming in China, it is benefited from the comfort and handling of the car. And the space performance is comparable to SUV, so higher practicality makes this type of model in the European market.

In fact, many consumers in China are loyal to the wag of trucks, just that there are not many options on the market. Deluxe brand’s travel vehicles are almost imported in the import form. The high price is expected; even if the mass CC hook version or the Ford Focus Hunting version is not cheap; and the independent brand is almost no It is involved in the area of ​​our truck. Therefore, the appearance of Baojun Valli is indeed a fairly close-up option for the consumers who love the trolley.

Taking into account positioning and pricing, the Baojun Valli is currently not directly competitors. From the effort to our own product, Baojun ValliThe design is in line with the aesthetic, scientific configuration of the tiles, and the driving assistance configuration in terms of the aesthetic, scientific configuration, and the needs of daily car, and the superior spatial performance is not necessary. On the basis of selling prices, the excellent comprehensive product force, plus Baojun official launched a roof luggage rack, and the retrieck custom mattress and other surrounding parts, thinking that Baojun Valli is still quite appropriate for consumers. Big, Xiao Zhi is also optimistic about its future market performance.

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