From the Atlantic to the Pacific single bicycle ring, the United States self-driving tour

Car News Network reported ] This article is recorded, January 2020, I have experienced in the United States. At that time, I went to New York from Beijing, clockwise around the United States and turned a lot of half, passing through 28 states, driving 14,000 kilometers. Although just take the horse, the impression in the mind is a one-word right side, and it is quite a lot. The process and feelings will now be shared with you.

In fact, in my travel plan, the United States has not been included. Because, my interest in these years is history. Starting from Greece Crete, along the footprint of civilization, several times, have been running several times, so far, the country is too shallower, can only say it later. However, when I came to Normand, I suddenly felt a shock.

That is a quiet afternoon, the sky is blue, along the silent road, driving to the US military cemetery near Omaha Beach. The cemetery layout is simple, but every detail is very important. For those soldiers who donate exotic, this is the glory they have no big. For me, an unusually strong solemn feeling with the sacred feeling, I have never experienced it. From this, the inner cute issued an idea to travel to the United States.

Suddenly determined MDSH; mdash; said to go.

However, this idea is always in the germination state in the subsequent period of time, and has not grown. Until December, there was a lot of time after dinner, suddenly felt that there was a voice reminded me, let me go back. I have always trust this inspiration. Today, the inspiration is also mysterious. If it is not a machine, let’s go, it will be dragging for a few years of mdash; mdash; Departure, the terminal building is bustling, the whole building is silent, and the people are embarrassing. The silence caused by the new crown epidemic has not been released.

There is a habit from small: As long as there is a goal, it will act immediately, do not like to drag the drag, and hate hesitation. If you want to do, you will do it right away. If you encounter difficulties, your brain thinks will be solved. This is also like this, mdash; mdash; open the computer, find the website of the US Embassy in China, seeThe process of the visa: 1, fill in the table; 2, pay the money; 3, talk.

The table called DS-160 is required, which is all in English, but the main content provides automatic translation. Despite this, because my English is very poor, I need to fill the way to understand that I don’t want to provide a part of the automatic translation.

In this way, it is almost 4 hours to fill the table. After sending, get a receipt. At midnight at this time, my daughter looked at my clumsy, laughed in the side, until the end, smiled and hurt. I asked in a heart: I haven’t regret it when I don’t study English.

The next day, when I came to the company, I was transferred to the company, and the $ 160 visa was transferred, and then the interview time was agreed on the Embassy website.

After a week, I arrived at the convention, and I came to the consulate and a long team in front of the door. At this time, I found that people took a plastic bag, filled with various materials mdash; mdash; when handling Europe and other countries, it often requested a bunch of information such as in-service proof, account information, and travel information, and the US station. In the visa rules of Hua Hode website, only the passport mdash; mdash; people around, do people bring so many information?

At the time, I was a little uneasy.

There is indeed no request on the website of people. Listen to the day. It’s not going to reap again.

The rows of more than 30 minutes came to the intercom. The house is very small, people are in the house, there are several windows in the other side, in each window, sitting on a visa official.

Rotary to me, go through, and enter the passport. The visa officer is a woman, with the unique words unique to foreigners, asked Chinese: What do you go to the United States? A: Play.

I am afraid that she can’t understand Beijing dialect, but also added: Tourism.

Q: Who are you going with?

A: One person.

Q: Why don’t your family go?

A: I want to see history, they feel that it is.

She looked up at me, and she seems to have a little smile. Then I knocked a few times and then handed a note: I wish you all the best.

The whole process is less than 60 seconds.

Just went out, my leader came from the call: I was rejected?

I said: The American people said that welcomes me.

It is said, several people come around, and send me color page, MDash; mdash; ticket, school advertisement. Unfortunately, I don’t need it. On the day, I have already bought the ticket on the website, and I also bought a 30-day Internet card.

After a few days, retrieve the passport, press the above prompt, registration online, which is equivalent to activating the visa. Then I finally finished the baggage mdash; mdash; looked at the weather forecast, at this time, the temperature in the north is very low, it is probably equivalent to the northeast of; the southern is warm and humid, comparable to 3 Asia. Only put thick jackets, hiking boots, and thin shorts, T-shirts, plus computer, camera. Although the vacuum bag is compressed, the suitcase has not been installed, I have to add a hiking bag.

The baggage is being loaded, and suddenly I remembered how didn’t change money. Flip box, actually found a dollar, and the face is complete. I don’t know why, the rest is left. In fact, the Western national credit card is very common, and there has been no cash society. The amount of cash is alternate, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t care. There is a goal to Europe, I have almost no cash, all credit card mdash; mdash; people who are always out of the door, it is best to have Zhang Weisa or MasterCard, don’t pay attention to the mobile phone.

As for the tour plan, I bought the “US” of the Lonely Planet, as well as the map, and impressed in the mind in the mind, I plan to take the 13 colonies along the Atlantic coast, then go to the West Pacific, look at LosRock and San Francisco. As for specific plans, for example, stay in, for a long time, what to see, etc., basically a blank. Take a step by step.

In this way, carrying a mountaineering bag, dragging the box, came to the airport. set off.

Frequently Asked Questions Answer

1, why not pass the intermediary service Visa? A: It is saved.

Office of the visa is actually filled with preparation information, the content is very simple, this kind of hand is doing yourself, why should I spend money? Besides, I feel unlikely to avoid refusal, I feel unlikely. Required documents, all written on the website, you are doing, there is nothing to discuss, and there is no room for bargaining.

By the way, no matter what, I am getting used to check the news in the official website, not to listen around. For example, car maintenance, I never believe in things that are passing, including 4S shop professionals. I only look at the maintenance manual of the car, when should I change, everything is subject to it.

2, why don’t there be a detailed tour plan? A: I don’t like it.

In my concept, travel is a very easy thing, it is a very enjoyable process. I am only willing to travel for enjoyment, and I am not willing to travel for tourism.

So, my travel is usually very casual, only roughly, macro ideas, there is no detailed solution. In fact, compared with the way of traveling like a completion task, I prefer to do what I want to do with it. For example, once, driving in Sichuan, after a small town, there is a living Buddha, special enthusiasm, so he stayed in people.

No matter where you go, I will not ask where to be fun, what is recommended. Because that is someone else’s preferences mdash; mdash; in the eyes of a person, in the eyes of another person, it may not be swallowed. So, I only follow my own interests to play. If there is a famous attraction, but don’t meet my interest, I will not go. Some people pay attention to the tourist attractions, there are several A, in fact, it is just a management mode, does not represent the value of viewing.

One sentence, my tour is only for myself, not for others.

3, what items do you want to prepare? A: Due to people, always.

No matter which country, what must be done before departure: do a visa, buy tickets, order your hotel, buy insurance.

As for the preparation of the baggage, there is no extraordinary travel documents, credit cards, mobile phones, toiletries, change laundry, personal drugs. In fact, the specific content of the baggage varies from person to person, and it cannot be generalized. 4, language is not true, what should I do if I don’t recognize? A: Mobile phone.

In addition to the need, in daily life, I rarely use my mobile phone, the rest day, I often lose it home, because I don’t want my life monotonous, I don’t want to let myself Cognition became narrow Mdash; mdash; like Yuan Shikai and “Shun Tian Times”. But every time you go out, I rely on it: First, the road, all the route query and the ride inquiry, all by Google Maps, even the bus is in the bus, it can tell you; the second is translation, For example, if you have, voice translation, photo translation, input translation, easy to solve the difficulty of language; third is to book hotels, such as Ctrip, Booking website, you can provide very unhappy information, booking is also very convenient, if you can’t prior Determine, when you come to the hotel, you will be not late.

In addition, I don’t believe it completely, I don’t believe it. Even my parents have learned English, let alone 70, after 80, after 90? The key is that dare not say. Some people are born, it is easy to do not move, in fact, no need. My English wonder is very poor, or I dare to wander around, one is to dare to say. The sentence will not, you can jutphrate. In front of the big garden, there is a foreign tourist asking me what I do. I said: BIG LOOK PARK.

5, single one is outside, safe? A: Do things are human.

The so-called security is often relatively relative. I think that we must have enough security awareness. Second, there is a comprehensive protection measures, and finally it is low-key. Also accompanying, there should be rational thinking and calm. For example, passing through New Orleans That night, IIn the old town, I accidentally walked into a very noisy alley, I found that there were many people who were drunk and shouted, I immediately folded it, to prevent it.

In my opinion, often go out, the idea will change, and will not take the accident, and will not think that the Jiangnan people go out to boater. Yunnan people have to ride an elephant. In a chat program, the host asked me why I dared to drive to Tibet. I said: Driving from Beijing, it is safe than crossing the road at home.

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