Full of “big” Kai Chen T60EV life style 442km 13.88 million cases of value does not?

in 2019, and reached the final countdown, while the movie debut of a series of Lunar New Year stalls, car circles “grand finale” also continue to unfold, one after another blockbuster debut of new cars. November 28, Beijing, Dongfeng Kai Chen again in the new energy sector has taken a big step, third paragraph pure electric SUV– Kai Chen T60EV officially listed, the market price guide to general subsidies for 138,800 yuan -15.68 million. It is worth mentioning that this stems from a joint venture, higher than the target high-value SUV, in the electric market to rebuild the mainstream value of benchmarking, while also launched a multi-car well-being, to see what this model in the end there kind of gold bars.

unique stylish tough, smart technology atmospheric blessing

as a SUV made for the young consumers of products, Kai Chen T60EV adopted family the V-Galaxy family front face, tough design, atmosphere, science and technology lifestyle.

“Aerodynamic” interior design, a more simple texture, with a suspension of 10 inches large screen touch in the control +8 inch TFT color LCD dashboard, bis screen can integrate a variety of interactive experience, it can also remote control, intelligent navigation can also be full-time voice communication. Moreover, in terms of intelligent drive control, Kai Chen T60EV same enough “generous”, equipped with class-leading smart driving technology, including AEB autonomous emergency braking, BSW lane change blind spot warning, LDW lane departure warning, ASCD cruise control and other forward-looking technology configurations ranging. In addition, this feature ahead of the competition in 3D AVM panoramic surveillance video system that allows parking operation more simple.

In addition to the smart, comfortable but also unique new car, class-leading 2640mm wheelbase + 508L trunk volume, expandable up to 1499L, even milk dad same car enough, you can put down a lot of items for the entire family, they can all be brought down, lying inside the vehicle to rest. Furthermore, openable and large size electric panoramic sunroof low gravity Multi-Layer unique ergonomic chair, Kai Chen T60EV of which are “bonus items.”

condition life 442km “Three”Technology is the highlight of

Kai Chen brand in the field of electric vehicles is still relatively early hands-brand, as early as 2014, Kai Chen Morrowind first electric products in the domestic market, more than five years, Kai Chen Morrowind He won a good reputation. Of course, this quality and quality models are inextricably linked. Kai Chen T60EV also has advanced technology endorsement. With this car, “Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi” Union repairer process, a global supplier of integrated system, with the world’s leading “EIC” technology. It is reported that the new car uses the latest generation of Ningde age three yuan lithium battery, battery life condition 442km, maximum endurance 565km, the use of international brand Valeo Siemens permanent magnet synchronous motor, follow Nissan’s active vibration control technology, to achieve the highest industry 23 percentage energy recovery, which is ahead of the competition.

In addition, Kai Chen T60EV followed the Nissan Leaf electric vehicles for the suspension design, the stability of Kai Chen T60EV professional chassis tuning and optimization. It is worth mentioning that the engineer Kai Chen T60EV application of deep-sea-level three-dimensional mute engineering, design and optimization of the body structure noise barrier pass three dimensions, to enhance the car noise, noise reduction performance.

Guiche: under the fuel and electric two-run, forward Kai Chen Dongfeng always temper. January to October this year, Dongfeng Kai Chen on the number of insurance totaled 96,548 units, market share steadily, rising 3 ranking last year. Kai Chen T60EV arrival, while further cloth full product line, but also updated car experience for Chinese consumers, this joint venture has “big” Quality of pure electric cars is still very gold, especially after it subsidies starting price, very sincere and tempting, it is worth considering the focus of consumers.

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