Future trips rhythm of life: Continental attend the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas, January 6 2020. Travel is one of the most important human needs, and a healthy travel ecosystem is driven society, and the world economic driving force. At CES press conference in Las Vegas, January 6, Continental Technologies Inc. will demonstrate its important role in the development of safe, convenient and efficient travel solutions ecosystem plays. In an exclusive exhibition 2020 CES show in Las Vegas where, Continental will showcase about car networking, data, high-performance computing technology and innovations autopilot and user experience.

Dirk Dr. Abendroth Continental’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) stressed that: “Digital technology is driving the development of the field trip to the intelligence and automation direction Therefore, at CES, we will demonstrate how to shape the future of Continental AG. travel and how to bring amazing technology in the fields of software, high performance computing, security, user experience, network with vehicles and other “

hood view award-winning technology – – Continental technology to “see” traffic

this is Continental’s “transparent hood” technology global debut. This feature allows the region is clearly visible under the hood, the driver can see the scene in the past is obscured and obstacles. “Transparent hood” 360-degree panoramic technology mounted Continental system, the system consists of four satellites camera and an electronic control unit.

intelligent image processing algorithm may reconstruct the image below the vehicle, and the image is transferred to a panoramic view accurately displayed to the driver’s. Continental With this new technology was awarded the CES 2020 Smart car and transportation category Innovation Award.

safe and convenient: Ultra-wideband automobile keyless entry technology

In order to achieve a more secure and convenient keyless vehicle operation, Continental is working partners are committed to ultra-wideband (UWB) technology into future vehicles. Once the smartphone integration ultra-wideband technology, it is possible to implement new features, thanSuch as the use of smart phones to unlock the security into the vehicle or remote parking function. Ultra-wideband technology will complement the existing short-distance wireless communication standard, to further optimize the car keyless entry function. Along with key members of Continental AG and BMW, Apple and other international auto Unicom Union (CCC), has played a positive guidance as in the development of automotive technology into the ultra-wideband wireless communications standards. While Continental also look forward to more cooperation with the car manufacturers, ultra-wideband technology into future vehicles. International Automobile Unicom Union is committed to promoting the standardization of ultra-wideband technology and application of digital keys, so that it can be applied to all smart phone operating system and handset models.

ultra-wideband technology can prevent the use of unauthorized access relay (middleman) attack made, so that the car keyless entry functions become more secure. In this strategy, an attacker using wireless communication technology expands the car keys of a wireless signal, so that the driver of the vehicle mistaken nearby. However, UWB technology allows the driver to locate the exact centimeter into the control of the vehicle will also use high-precision location information.

3D light field center console display technology: no need to wear special glasses will be able to experience the fusion of tactile interactive 3D effects

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Continental AG will showcase the next generation of 3D light field display technology, for the first time this technology as a key element of human-computer interaction used in the cockpit center console. 3D light field display technology center console also provides tactile interaction function for the driver and passengers. With the 2019 introduction of 3D light field display technology, all passengers in the car without wearing special glasses or head-mounted tracking camera will be able to enjoy the 3D experience. Highlight dimensional, image enhancement and complex lighting effects can be more convenient, secure transmission of information.

At present, Continental AG and its partners Leia company is committed to this technology integration into the center console display, for the first time and is expected to achieve 4K resolution version. In addition, the display optimized for touch operation and support for tactile feedback, can further improve the convenience and operational safety.

rely on the cooperation platform software integration of automation and standardization

the importance of

growing automotive software. This trend for carmakers challenges, forcing them to the exponential growth of the number of software integrated into future vehicles. To significantly reduce the work in this area and improve the quality of integration software, Continental has developed a special software for realizing development and integration of automation and standardization of the online platform. This cooperation Continental’s platform can automatically perform reciprocating software delivery, testing and validation of the operation, and restore all the software vendor’s data when an error occurs, so as to ensure the transmission to the actual development of the system are all correct application. Prior to this, the online platform will reduce the need for correction loop, the ability to achieve the desired release other electronic control unit functions. At the same time, as the system integrator for the development of the Continental digitized connected car (its core electronic architecture is the high-performance computer) to create the conditions and reduces the traditional electronic control unit, the importance of sensors and actuators.

Ac2ated Sound without speaker sound system: Continental Automotive Group has brought a revolutionary audio technology

at the CES 2020 show, Continental AG will showcase a brand new collaboration technology for car-free speaker audio system, with its create realistic three-dimensional sound. This partnership combines two high-end audio technology concept. Innovative Ac2ated Sound without speaker stereo sound system by a conventional interface vehicle generates vibrations completely replaced the traditional role of the speaker.

Network security: first automotive security operations center will be put into operation

As we all know, network shoulder great responsibility in the entire automotive industry. This is why Continental is a subsidiary of Argus Cyber ​​Security will work with T-Systems, will introduce the first car Security Operations Center (SOC) to be built by the two companies to the visitors of experts on the CES 2020 show. Car manufacturers and fleet operators can continuously monitor IT security vehicle in the car Security Operations Center, and can beRespond as soon as possible after detection of the attack.

new, scalable, modular contact sensor can effectively detect scratches and damage vehicles

Novel contact sensor system (Cossy) can be detected quickly the touch between the vehicle and the person or object. The system helps enhance the security of automatic parking and other applications. CoSSy voice signal detection system can utilize the recorded low-speed collision, and the collision command after the discovery of the vehicle to stop immediately. After mounting CoSSy system, the sensor signals the system may be used to support many other applications, such as to detect malicious damage (scratching), the low-speed stop collision detection, identification road, by voice recognition or detection of the driver approaching emergency vehicle.

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