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Gazette! Counting “Speed ​​and Passion” series, 10 cars in the mirror

In May, “Speed ​​and Passion 9” is released in China, and friends who have seen “speed and passion” know that this is not only a series of movies, but also a feeling, especially speed 9 more It is to drive the car to the sky, let me not say that this can be realized, but the film will go to the world to see the scene, so that the picture is beautiful. When it comes to this series of movies, it has to mention the car. After all, this is the “brother” who is born to death. Today, Xiaobian will give you a wave of recall, let’s take a look at the big fluorescent “Battle of the car”!

[1] 2001 讴 song INTEGRA GSR (Acura Integra GSR) “Speed ​​and Passion” 2001

Old fans with “Speed ​​and Passion” know that in 2001, the movie played by Ja Rule was driving this song Integra GSR lost the game. Many people feel so embarrassed. After all, the true strength of this car is not the case, it can be said that in the “speed and passion” movie, its act is underestimated.

First Acura Integra is a iconic car, especially in the car competition, this car is one of the most popular front-round drives. This hero car is actually manufactured by Neuspeed (American famous car brand, created by Bill Neumann), equipped with considerable high-end components, substantially provided by AEM, MOMO, and Neuspeed. Since these brands are basically involved in yellow and red, the appearance color of this car is also made up of yellow and red. And the number “12” on the car is not a number, but because of the Langdi Middot; Perster has won the 1997 North American RV Championship with the 12th Honda Accord. Therefore, it is also the hope of this number in the car. You can win this car to win the game.

From power, this car is more performance, integra GSR B18C1 engine equipped with the engine power of 170 hp 128 ft-lb (174 Nm). It characterized by the whole car installation bolt, provided with a R-type intake camshaft and an upgraded clutch. And this is one of the few truly look pretty after the conversion, fast, handsome one performance of the car.

Thus, such an awesome car in this movie actually lost the game, can not help but regret, it can be said the car’s strength is indeed look down upon it!

[2] Nissan SKYLINE R33 GT-R (NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GT-R) – “speed and passion” 2001

[123 ] Speaking of Nissan Skyline GT-R name, and even European and American sports car also fear third, some even Nissan Skyline GT-R called the god of war, and that the car has undergone a kind of story?

The car’s horsepower is about 500 horsepower, and even a rollover cage, is the pinnacle event for the US Pikes Peak designed, in fact, before the filming of “Fast and Furious” car the state has already reached its peak performance, and in 1999 by Rees middot; Mirren driver and win races. Only from this point of view, perhaps this “God of War car,” the film is also the ability to be underestimated.

In fact, long before the car began its extraordinary story, back in 1957, Prince Skyline Deluxe will launch as the first Skyline, when the 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder GA- 30 engine, 60 horsepower. In 1962, the power raised to 91 horsepower, the price doubled, its famous Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti for a new design, the whole body adopt handmade, streamlined appearance has become a pioneer Skyline sports car. 1963 release of the second generation Skyline, Prince Skyline 1500 DeLuxe, power raised to 69 hp, with a 3-speed automatic / 4-speed manual gearbox. 197One year is one of its classic models, the horsepower directly increases to 160, the short axis lightweight design, equipped with the 2.0L straight six engine of S20, and the double gate version has won 33 games in 2 years, Open the legend of GT-R.

The GT-R series thereafter, the GT-R series is even more killing four squares, especially R32, and laid a 29th champion. The Nissanskyline GT-R (R33) launched in 1995, still equipped with the RB26DETT engine, although the direction is said to have a comfortable compromise in order to obtain better sales, the speed of the R32 is slow for 0.2 seconds.

The R33 is also the entries in “speed and passion” 2001, although the movie has ended, this car did not stop at the time, 2002 continued to launch R34 car system, start designing Z The -Tune concept car (that is, Proto prototype), the first Z-TUNE was manufactured in 2003, and it is also a step by step, and it has emerged in major events.

[3] Sales Ford Mustang S281 (Saleen Ford Mustang S281) – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2003

Another The iconic car who has soy sauce in the “Speed ​​and Passion” series of movies is the Ford Mustang GT, Steve Middot; Salen is a famous modification master to produce a high performance car. He agreed to help participate in the modified car in the production of “speed and passion” 2003, the condition is to use his favorite “Lipstick” as the body color, because this red is named after his wife, it is also a small Small show love. This is why this car is a dazzling reason, although there are not many lenses in the movie, but this wipe red also left a deep impression on the audience. Now we will take a look at this car. Who is sacred.

First, Saleen is running in the United States.Brand, by the century car guru – Steve middot; race Lin (Steve Saleen) was founded in 1983. Perhaps say, a lot of people do not quite understand, but the brand’s variety of sports cars have appeared in movies before, according to statistics, a total of Lin auto race in more than 400 films, TV series and video games played and served as the protagonist of the car, without a car is a soft advertising, all of which are film side to choose. Hollywood blockbusters such as “Transformers,” “Iron Man,” “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Need for Speed,” “Rocky Balboa” and so on.

The car is brand new race Lin S281, equipped with a supercharged 4.6 liters V-8 engine, the game Lin modified its maximum power of 550 horsepower, in the film you can see the red car S281 Saleen tried to pass through the middle from the two trucks, two trucks with side to side several times after the collision occurred, the car got sideways beneath the cargo box and eventually rolled into a pile of scrap metal. Filming process, need to take stunt car racing and the actual impact of the shot, Lin game company in order to meet the shooting demand delivered a total of six models with red S281. Real S281 Saleen mounted 4.6L V8 supercharged engine 370 hp, maximum torque 542Nmiddot; m, with a 5-speed manual transmission. In order to reduce the cost of shooting, shooting stunt scenes of the S281 Saleen are all naturally aspirated V6 or V8 version of the Ford Mustang automatic, but after modification looks like S281 Saleen only.

Thus, the race Lin S281 Ford Mustang in “Fast and Furious” in 2003 although only a few shots, but its strength is still not be underestimated, and therefore there are many viewers expressed hope that after the series in see more car racing scene.

[4] BMW E36 (BMW E36) – “Fast and Furious” 2003

BMW M POWER, and Mercedes-Benz AMG Audi RS and famous, is a high-performance car representative. M usually original BMW cars based suspension upgrade, control, braking, engine, etc., including of course, the shape is further upgraded. Let me talk about the movie car, the car in the selection of riders in the movieThe front face was revealed, and finally crashing at the exit of the street in the street (below)

In such a narrow road, I want to rush out three cars, it is obviously unrealistic, and the BMW E36 is more like coming together, but there is no way, after all, the story is designed, but the real performance of this car is worth more than the lens.

In 1991, BMW launched an eye-catching E36 model, sitting on the frame structure, rich body form, and VANOS and other advanced technology, so that the fans smell 90 The odor of the performance car melee. In fact, the E36 car has an unprecedented product array to get more customer bases.

In the appearance, the designer deliberately gently passed the body outline of E36 to cater to the “micro fat” trend in the 1990s. For the front face, the front / rear headlight group, the bumper, etc., but the “grinding” of the corners of the enlarged, creates the unique visual effect of the E36 3 Series “far-looking round, close to the rigid”. This car is in the interior, you can also see a suitable drift, because an external hydraulic handbrake shows its true identity, visually gives a very harmonious feel. In short, many cars fans have said that this truck is worth more than the camera!

[5] Ferrari 360 AMP; 355 Spyder- “Speed ​​and Passion” 2003

Carter Middot; Wirang’s 360 Spyder is one of the few super sports cars in the movie, which makes it more eye-catching, this car is equipped with a 3.6-liter V-8 engine, its power is 400 hp, the most regrettable thing in this movie is The audience did not hear the roar of this super-sports thunder, and did not see its cool figure. In this movie, Verone is depicted into a person who loves to Latali, or at least a person in Ferrari. In the scene after the game, we saw a rich home in the garage.A Ferrari 355SPYDER, although we saw the appearance of these two sports cars in the movie, but he did not experience his heroic standing on the ground, and he did not see the starring the star.

Therefore, as two super sports cars, there is a movie such as “speed and passion”, but the audience can not let the audience see their true speed, this is really a pity!

[6] BMW 540i E39 (BMW 540i E39) – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2009

“Speed ​​and Passion “In 2009, this BMW car flying quickly. In the movie, this car should be E39 M5 equipped with E60 M5 of 5.0 liter V-10 engine E39 M5, BMW E39 M5, as the first V8 M5,400 Horsepower, 500 Nm torque, 100 kilometers accelerated 4.8 seconds, such parameters are also high performance cars today, but it is a pity that it is just to soy sauce, the German truck is not a speed and passion series of movies The mainstream, thus ultimately due to various reasons, the final in the movie is 540i, but this car performance is still good, equipped with 4.4 liters V-8 engine, 100 kilometers acceleration time is 6 seconds, and its speed is 155 Mile / hour (250 km / h). In fact, the future filmed this movie, BMW has reserved 11 cars for it, but eventually only 2 survived.

Although many high-performance vehicles have been contributed to this movie, the lens is also flashing, so that many BMW fans will be expected, and even some people say that if they are afraid to open this car, it is a bit hope The anti-party wins, perhaps a little exaggerated, but it is still not difficult to see that this car has left a deep impression on the audience.

[7] Chevrolet Camaro F-BOMB – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2009 [123 In fact, this car can be called the strongest car in this list, in this movie, Audo Middot; Braga’s heart and abdomen opened this car, andIt is also an important role in this car in the event of final defeat. Chevrolet Kamiro prepares five special brains for this movie, all use 300 horsepower crate engine.

Then, in fact, Chevrolet Kamiro may not be familiar, but mentioning “Bumblebee”, then there is no one knows. So far, this car has 6 generations, and the model called F-Bomb Camaro in the movie is actually the second generation of Mi Mai, which is built on the F-BODY platform, and the new design, design of the appearance. Inspiration comes from Jaguar, Aston Martin and Ferrari, the second-generation car body is more exaggerated than the first generation. After the second generation of Komai Roose, it has improved the previous version of the previous version, because many people think that the round headlights look very old, but also replenished the four-eyed taillights , Replaced a more trend of horizontal tail light. It is equipped with a basic 155HP 6-cylinder engine, and a 375HP 8-cylinder engine, a hundred kilometers accelerated for 7.6 seconds.

For the length of the mirror, since the car plays a key role in the last juncture, the lens is still a lot relative to other cars, but it is still not the protagonist model.

[8] Honda NSX (Honda NSX) – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2009Amp; 2011

“Speed ​​and Passion “A series of movies, the audience can feel the different Honda NSX, this car is equipped with 3.2 liters V-6 engine, the output power is 290 horsepower, the maximum torque is 304 Nm.” In addition, it is also equipped with an NSX R-type suspension, wheel, brake and external components. The output power after modification is almost different, which is 295 horsepower, and after the upgrade, the 100-kilometer acceleration time of this car is 4.8 seconds, the highest speed It can reach 175 mph (282 km / h).

About Honda NSX’s history has to be mentioned, NSX is the first super run, which is created by the F1 design concept, and the McLarery F1 will be earlier. NS-X is also the first paragraph of history using all aluminum monomersThe technology model, wherein the aluminum alloy frame and suspension use a revolutionary extruded molding method. The aluminum body and the front and rear suspension are reduced by 200kg and 20kg, respectively, respectively, to ensure light quantification of the vehicle body. And the future developed this model, Honda Company also invited a number of racing hands to test drive, modification, etc. For example, Honda invited the first F-1 racing in the Homewash to test drive. From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand why this car will be selected by “speed and passion”, and this car appeared in the movie, it gave it a feeling of being a field, as Honda Second The NSX is not as common, the performance of the vehicle is not reflected in several power index, which is the first-class control of the vehicle and its precision and meticulous upgrade.

It is also because Honda’s careful design of this car and the superior performance of this car, so many viewers are disappointed because they have not seen their more lenses in the movie.

[9] Porsche 911 (966) GT3 RS (PORSCHE 911 (996) GT3 RS) – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2011

The Porsche 911 series has experienced the Bandi model since 1963, because of its unique style and excellent durability, Porsche 911 series is one of the most legendary models of the whole world of Germany. At the same time, it is also one of the representatives of the middle-rear engine sports car. It has a long history and every classic model has brought a profound impact on several generations. GT3 RS has always been an important model of Porsche. It is also a three-year champion in the street competition of Rio de Janeiro. In this movie, this car was accidentally lost by his owner. Later, the role played by Paul Walker will drive it back to the team. In fact, it is true that the length of the car appears in the movie, although in the running car industry, this car is also famous. 996 GT3 RS is equipped with a 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine with a power of 381 horsepower, the maximum torque is 385 Nm, only 4.1 seconds can reach 60 miles / h (96km / h) speed, The maximum speed is 190 miles / hour (306 km /Hour). It is not difficult to see from the above data. Even today, this car can also be said to be a good performance, not to mention 10 years ago, but as a viewer, we failed to see his epic chase in the movie. People feel regret!

[10] Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe – “Speed ​​and Passion” 2017

in the eighth In the film, we can obviously feel clearly, this series of movies and not only about cars. At this movie, people saw Dom Middot; Torreto driving a bright red Chevrolet British (this Chevrolet car seems to be starring in addition to Dodge. Another car, the maximum power of this car can also reach 400 hp. However, fortunately, this car was eventually not destroyed in the “speed and passion” known as “damnar”.

Chevrolet Impala is the largest model in the general car, in 2003, in the United States, the United States has a sales of 260,000, 7882. In 1959, Chevrolet design produced still an endless Impala, and now the present, still the classic of car players to compete with the collection. It is influenced at the time, and even the entire US auto market is huge. At that time, the United States was very popular with a song “SeetheusainYourchevrolet”, the image of the song is the soul of Impala.

As the audience, I believe that everyone still hopes that the sports car like this can make more photos, let the audience are full of eyes!

Today, Xiaobi took everyone to review the classic movie “Speed ​​and Passion”, those good cars, although the lens is not much, but its own performance is not bad. And as old powder, you can have a car in this series of movies, and its quality must beStarting time. From the first movie so far, “speed and passion” have taken 9, I believe many people are also because this series of movies have become fans; and some people fall in love with this series of movies because they are fans, but no matter what is good Movies, or good cars, they need to review consumers, so as a filmmaker, as a car manufacturer, it is necessary to continuously improve the quality, in order to win more consumers’ hearts.

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