Geely Automobile Kuangxiao 1.36 million over last year’s first carnival feast 2020 of whom come?

2020 New Year’s bell has sounded. Time is always surging forward, never stops. Never changed is the beginning of the heart and commitment to the Chinese automotive brand courageously forward.

from the brand inception, Geely Automobile We are committed to establish a Chinese car brand new benchmark and improve, create high-quality products. Circle break the shackles, and actively integrate into the life situations of young consumers.

younger consumer groups in the automotive market today, the new wave of Internet technology, a diversified spread of environment, how to make the car really touch the “pain points of the target population “, has become an important topic of Chinese automobile brand marketing.

at the beginning of Year of the Rat, feeling the footsteps of spring is near, and Geely Automobile, “a tree flowers” in the cold chilly car market is particularly “vigorous . ” Let us cross-border marketing of Geely in 2020 the first wave of big lie is pleased generous longing.

January 5, “auspicious Chinese Year shaking in Southwest “2020 Geely automobile grand New Year’s night was held in Chengdu Century City international exhibition Center, on behalf of the owners of more than 1,000 around the Ming Jili co-southwest of Chengdu, the vibrato Hey burst of red network of music and feast around the Yunnan-Guizhou specialties in Sichuan and Chongqing, and and spent a restless night to remember Geely automobile together.

Over the past year, Geely Automobile is no lack of innovation and breakthrough enhance the user’s interaction and experience, but always put customer satisfaction as the “ultimate goal.” Admittedly, this marketing is successful in the industry.

is not the same as “Ji dinner”

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since 2016, Geely automobile opened a “family dinner Kyrgyzstan” big lie owners, and throughout the country hundreds of games landing dozens of colorful activities, fresh ideas capture a lot of car owners heart of. This year, Geely turn “Kat dinner” doing more creative effort to build “Geely shaking in southwest China in” 2020 Geely Automobile New Year’s night, bring a unique vision for the lucky owners, taste and hearing end of the year a large home party.

“Kat City Food Street “on all kinds of dishes everything, so owners are a real treat. Dazzling variety of food street name, it is attracting many owners take the initiative to punch photographed.

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on an interactive fun also set up a “lucky coin” link, site owners need to play games or participate in an interactive, Kyrgyzstan win money, make purchases and consumption by “Kat currency”, which featured fashion “immersive” interactive experience for owners having all the fun.

In addition to Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, and accompanied by music. 2019, vibrato popularity continued to hit, Geely also invited vibrato net big red coffee a song Ting, Xu Xian Er, F3 fancy basketball men’s team went to the site and ease of pride and so on, with the most contagious and most full, most You can lead the wave of popular music performances, as we presented a visual feast, the media and their owners up close and feel the charm of contemporary popular music and dance.

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night ingenious cross-border marketing activities, from Geely automobile insight to the young consumer population. For young consumers, they pay more attention to the quality of life but also pay more attention to product experience feeling. For Geely who will have to deal with changes in the consumer market will need to create innovative consumer experiences, from different social platforms, from online to offline, creating an endless stream of new ways for consumers in addition to car more diversified lifestyles.

transfer Public positive power

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“auspicious Chinese Year shaking in Southwest” 2020 Geely automobile New Year’s night, not only so that owners feel lucky brand of enthusiasm, leaving the owner to see Geely brand temperature. In the event of the day, Geely Automobile to set up waste separation scene area, guiding presence of the crowd, the different garbage into different categories of trash, garbage scenario whereby Interactive wake younger age groups on the ecological environment of concern and attention, advocacy we take concrete actions to contribute to environmental protection.

In fact, Geely brands in China up public on the force has long been famedindustry. Such as “up marathon”, as Geely Imperial family “only up” the spirit of landing a brand of cross-border events, since 2015 the success of the first session held every two years, to 2019 is a collection of Alec, Li Chen, Tang Yan, Xie Na, Westlife, Wong Cho Lam, Zhou winter rain, and a hundred-bit style celebrity, attracting hundreds of thousands of running friends to participate, has conquered Shanghai World financial Center, Beijing International Trade hotel and other 14 “city summit”, 2017 in the second activity will be more “up” flames burning to Simatai, a total climb height of up to 2.32 million meters, conquered 14,505,000 steps. “Up Marathon” and ran faithful again and again refresh height, and constantly challenge the courage to climb up the spirit of success affect billions of audience, becoming a positive transfer positive energy of mass movement.

for the Chinese auto brands, positive energy public of manufacturing, and more easy for people to resonate at the same time, recognition lucky.

First the heart does not change induced ingenuity

In the past year excellent, Geely brand in all aspects, an alarming growth rate. 2019, Chinese passenger car market continued downward, but Geely in 2019 to over 1.36 million total sales exceeded the target, steady market share growth. Since 2017, Geely Automobile has for three consecutive years won the first Chinese brand passenger car sales, continued to lead the Chinese brand confidence up. Meanwhile, 2019 Geely Automobile exports increased by 110.6 percentage, overseas market expansion speed, have been exported to more than 20 countries and employs more than 400 service outlets overseas, brand image and influence abroad Geely Automobile has been increasing.

since 2019, “high-end electric-brand” geometry release after Geely Geely automobile Group formed a new pattern of geometric collar grams and three brands of the same frequency development. releaseGeometry A, Ka occasion, the star, leading grams 03+, Bo several new models such as the PRO, covering the market segment sedan, SUV, MPV, etc., nearly 9 models monthly sales of over 10,000, the product matrix continuous improvement, continue to meet market high-end, personalized, intelligent demand.

At the same time, Geely Automobile Marketing Division with a strong southwest product strength and quality of service has been highly recognized by the market, for the development of Geely brand again overweight.

2020 Geely Automobile continue to practice the “stable” putting the word of high-quality development strategy, the sales target of 1.41 million, an increase of 3.6 percentage. By 2020, Geely will launch the “lucky icon”, “collar grams of 05”, in Geely’s first large-scale multi-purpose SUV “VX11”, the second paragraph of geometric brand car “GE13” and other six new products, and a variety of facelift models, continue to optimize the product structure.

Song, general manager of Geely brand sales, said: ” with the “Chinese products” to “Chinese brand” strategy proposed changes, brand strength has become an increasingly important part of the overall strength of the enterprise in the field of auto brands intense homogeneous competition, in addition to rising outside of the consumer to create value, build brand reputation differentiation has become the key to success. Geely automobile business carrier 33, has been uphold the “user-centric” the purpose, always keep in mind “made everyone boutique car” and “care commitment subtle “to humility and tenacity, continuous exploration and innovation, to the beginning of the heart caused by ingenuity, have done.

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car duo miles summary:

For 33 years, Geely Automobile as a Chinese car brand leader, adhere to create high-quality products and services, excellent quality to win a remarkable reputation, has been refresh the sense of the value of China’s auto brand new benchmark. Recalling 2019, from product, marketing, service, and then to market performance, Geely Automobile has made comprehensive and welcome breakthrough, a good harvest at the same time, the Chinese car brand “Big Brother” can be described as deserved. For Chinese brands, good products and good service is essential, deeply understand consumers’ pain points “of Geely cars will hit a new product in 2020, to scale new heights and create greater glories.

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