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With the rapid development of society, our living conditions are getting better. Have to say, the advent of the automobile dramatically changed our lives. Recently, Geely ICON interior official figure released. Today, let’s look at the car’s information.


new car in some detail height reiterated CONCEPTICON concept car design language. For example, the front face of the grille and the car fretted Ripple conventional design are very different, by a plurality of “return” are sequentially stacked, resembling an hourglass. At the same time, its headlamps set of elongate shape, looks more aggressive. Two vertically arranged on both sides of the circular light source, the entire region is concave fog type.


concept car draws CONCEPTICON car design style, entirely in white and khaki hit color design, a very bold style At the same time, the car still in the air conditioning vent, Dangba area, door handles, etc. on both sides of adding a lot of “time symbol” sci-fi sense of design elements, and official propaganda and make a good sense of the future turned a deaf ear. In addition, the car uses full LCD meter 10.25 inches and 10.25 inches suspended in the control panel, to further enhance its technical sense.

Dynamic aspects:

The icon auspicious 1.5t turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 130kW, maximum torque of 255nm, with a 7-speed transmission section double-clutch gearbox. In addition, according to the official said, the new car will be launched in the future hybrid version of the model.

In general, good performance of the car. Appearance and power are very good. Interior also has the choice of many colors. Like you can look at.

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