Geely New SUV pre-sale start price is less than 90,000, in addition to double big screens still

The budget is about 100,000 yuan, and I want a compact SUV, what choices? In this price range, the autonomous brand choice is more, such as Changano Shang X5, Changan CS75 Plus, Haval H6 and other models. Recently, there is a new SUV to open pre-sale. It is Geely New SUV Emgrand S, launched 4 models, pre-sale price of 8.67-107 million yuan.

[123 Its appearance looks very young and has a spirit. The design of the Emgrand S has been published before, and the style is young, and it is also integrated into some Geely’s current family design, such as a straight waterfall grille, but also used a black Geely car. Although these elements have appeared on other models of Geely, the feelings of Emgrand S are different from those cars.

The pre-sale is less than 90,000, but the configuration is not low. This can be seen from the 10.25-inch large screen + 10.25 inch full liquid crystal meter. In addition to the top with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument, other models are 7 inches in addition to the top equipments.

There are also some distinctive configurations, such as the strawberry music intelligent interactive system that will sing yourself in driving, more convenient for parking 540deg; transparent chassis, etc.

Geely Emgrade Space is not so prominent in the same level, But it is also enough. A slightly smaller model is slightly smaller than the Changan CS75 Plus, which uses 5 layouts, which can be seen from the length of the length of 4430/1833 / 1573mm and the data of the shaft distance 2700mm.

The power part is still familiar with 1.4T engines, maximum power 141 horsepower, peak torque 235 cattle MIDDOT; rice, matching analog 8-speed CVT gearbox and 6-speed manual gearbox. And positioning phaseAt the same, the price of the price is similar to the GS4 comparison. Its 1.5T engine maximum power is 169 horsepower, torque 265 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. Whether it is displacement or power data, the Emgrand S is weaker.

The whole vehicle is seen, its pre-sale is less than 90,000, can buy the configuration is not less, like 10.25 inch double large screen, tire pressure monitoring, automatic air conditioning, fixed speed cruise and other configuration They are all standard. It also brings some fresh feelings in design, it looks younger and mentally, the whole is suitable for some young consumers. The most critical is that the price is not expensive, pre-sale is the top purchase of 110,000, and it is not expensive to buy it.

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