Geely Vision after moving flame why the whole car is dead

Failure phenomenon: a 2009 annual Geely Vision 1.8 L sedan, equipped with CVVT engine, mileage 25000 km. Users reflect the whole car is dead after driving the car suddenly stalled.

check analysis: the reasons the author to prevent the phenomenon, analysis of this situation include the following.

① pin off the battery, and the battery itself burning the master fuse failure.

② charging system control circuit fault, the fuse ablation generator.

③ generator tape or slip off.

④ generator internal open or short.

⑤ partial failure of the charging system output.

in each case, the author of the above-described negative, check the main fuse, normal; check battery terminal, normally connected; check battery voltage of 4.2 V, a serious loss of power. The battery is charged, to confirm the cause of the malfunction as soon as possible, I got the same type of battery is determined intact to continue loading an inspection. At this time the vehicle is started, the engine is operating normally, the charging LED is not lit, the generated voltage measured is 12.1 V, is significantly lower, the generator may not generate electricity. The engine speed is increased to 2 000 r / min, the generated voltage measured at this time not only did not rise, but a downward trend, whereby initially concluded that the generator is not generating power state.

is not the main cause of power generator comprising a generator, a line failure, and related accessories. I first check generator tape sure it is installed correctly, the tightness of the normal, and no abnormal signs of wear; and then measuring the generator control circuit, each terminal unplug measurement, the regular power source, the ignition switch controls the power supply charge indicator and control lines were normal; plug and then start the engine, measuring the generator output voltage 0 V, the generator itself fault is it? However, when measuring the connection line between the generator to the battery, it was found that the line is open.

Since the two doubt occur simultaneously, in accordance with the principle of negative one by one author from simple to complex. A first jumper connecting directly to the positive battery terminal of the generator output line,Then start the engine, measuring the generated voltage of 14.2 V, returned to normal. It follows that the problem is the line connecting the generator to the battery. Statistics show that in the engine compartment has a fuse box connector of this line, so I open check the fuse box to find the yellow line connector plug and unplug the plug connector, it was discovered had severe ablated (FIG. 1), to identify the cause of the failure so far.


Troubleshooting: Since manufacturers do not provide this connector fitting alone, the need to replace the engine compartment wiring harness assembly . I consider that the user eager car, and the problem is not very serious, and decided to plug repair manual. After disassembled fuse box, the primary charging cable plug connector is removed, copper mounting a solder joint and firmly fixed, and then lead to a lower portion of the copper connectors properly handle the fuse box, and fixed (FIG. 2), the above operation test , failure to exclude.

FIG. 2

reviewed: When measured and found no generator output voltage when the maintenance personnel typically considered a problem in the power generation machine itself, and which models using generator circuit protection control, when the generator output and the battery positive electrode disconnection or short circuit with other, will automatically cut off the output voltage, thereby protecting the vehicle body and the line generator itself. Therefore, maintenance staff, have to be measured and tested at work, do not blindly replacement parts. Ideas should be open in the maintenance of the vehicle, pay attention to every detail in the process of detection. This failure is limited to vehicles manufactured before October 2008, have been improved to bolt and nut connection (Figure 3) After the October 2008 car factory here.

Figure 3

(Liu Baojing)

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