Genis Si Si G80 domestic price release price 36.28-43.38 million

Jiegis Si Si G80 domestic price released, a total of 2 models, the price range is 36.28-43.38 million yuan. The new car is positioned in the new middle sedan.

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New car adopts family type Design, with a landmark shield network + double front headlights, the opening of the middle network is through-through design. The taillights are also similar to the double shape, and echoes the front of the head. There is also a small duck-tail design in the car, similar to the shaped exhaust port is also very eye-catching.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with a 19 inch multi-frame retro hub, which can be said to be very nice, and there is a 20-inch wheel optional. In terms of the body size, the new car length is 4995/1925 / 1465mm, and the wheelbase is 3010 mm.

There is also a elegant atmosphere in the car, and the central control is equipped with large-size suspended liquid crystal screens. In addition, there is wood grain ornament in the center console and shifting area. The new car is equipped with the Jiegis Active Safety Control driving assistance system, as well as driver fatigue monitoring, blind spot anti-collision assist, adaptive cruise and highway driving assistance.

[123 Price (10,000 yuan) 2.5T Deluxe Edition 36.28

Dynamic, new car mount 2.5T turbocharged engine, maximum power is 224 kW, peak torque is 422 N · m. Transmission matches 8-speed automatic transmission. The new car also provides a four-wheel drive system.

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