Gentle and full of sporty design, 19 models GLE400

Mercedes-Benz ML system in operation in the Mercedes-Benz brand can be regarded as the most successful one case, while Mercedes-Benz ML GLE is the facelift series. Mercedes-Benz has GLE400 is not only a car, but also an attitude to life, is a manifestation of the spirit. If the road passing a Mercedes-Benz GLE, passers-by will be cause for concern, it has been the focus, which is the pinnacle of many brands can not be achieved. 19, paragraph

Mercedes-Benz GLE400 softer in terms of design, the front bumper with huge air vents there are obvious AMG style, large wheels and brakes have revealed a strong sports atmosphere. Large chrome shield striking visual effect occurs at the very bottom.

Mercedes-Benz GLE400 rear lines are perfect, either the top or the waistline and tailgate design, very smooth and natural . Benz GLE400 lancet shape headlights, LED light eyebrows, lower front, non-standard hollow Mercedes more luxurious, large air inlet to bring out a new look more free and easy. More dynamic shape and trendy decorative details, can it be more people’s attention at the moment.

Benz car GLE400 overall look and style to maintain a consistent interior console, to the occupants endless luxury, also show high-level atmospheric style of Mercedes-Benz, the luxury of the United States. Interior seat soft texture, moist slimy edge of the button, at these details reveal the skill to be moved to the heart of an important blow.

benz GLE400 from between the seat and the armrest top accurate splicing, the number of storage areas, beverage placement area and electrical power. Mercedes-Benz GLE400 interior colors will be available for owners to choose more personalized, more owners are free to choose aluminum, carbon fiber, piano paint and other elements to match.

Benz GLE400 abundant storage space, the front, rear center armrest position and the door panel are arranged four and more practical storage compartment space is not small. In addition, in the rear outer side of the copilot left leg below the center console and the front seat backrests are arranged with such a flexible net bag storage space, temporarily placed article useful.

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