Geometry A / Xiaopeng G3 / Weimaraner EX5 / Ang Xinuo EV, who is more cost-effective

geometric A / Xiaopeng G3 / Weimaraner EX5 / Ang Xinuo EV, is a very good new energy vehicles, we take a look at the highest cost Which models. First to note is that the geometry A and the other three models are not the same type of vehicle, to the geometric A car, the other three models is for the SUV models.

starting with the design, the four models are different characteristics. A geometric look simple and elegant, futuristic; Xiaopeng G3 is engaging style, full of sense of technology; as for Weimaraner EX5, in the color value is not lost geometric design and Xiaopeng A G3, the same good-looking; and Ang Xinuo EV, personality style, can give the left a deep impression.

on the performance configuration, the four models are also full of sincerity. Weimaraner EX5 example, with a Chi LivingPilot adjuvant system (L2 automatic driving assistance level), the second generation of the entire vehicle thermal management techniques, but also the vehicle with a lot of soft material. Say that the geometric look A, equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD screen in the control suspension, the switchable seven kinds of colors and brightness of 10 atmosphere lights, arranged in performance is also very good. So, the four models of configuration performance, no clear winner between.

In summary, I believe that the geometric A / Xiaopeng G3 / Vaima EX5 / Ang Xinuo EV different characteristics, can not simply say Which model best, can only see friends consumers to choose personal preferences.

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