German BBA domestic sales in November, the leading Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz bottom of the fastest growing

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Recently, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi have announced November sales report card. Three German luxury car brand in terms of the international market and domestic market have achieved positive sales growth. Which is the best performance BMW, regardless of the global market or the domestic market; whether it is a single month in November sales or total sales this year, BMW is a leader. Audi in terms of global market and domestic market, sales in November have become the fastest growing German luxury car brand.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi global sales showed positive growth, Audi the fastest growing

[123 ] According to BMW Group data show that in November the BMW Group worldwide sales of 225,662 new cars (including BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce), an increase of 1.4 percentage; 11 months of this year, the BMW Group sold a total of 2,296,174, an increase of 1.7 percentage.

According to Daimler, official data showed November, Mercedes – Benz brand sales reached 209,058, for the first time exceeded 20 million mark, an increase of 5.3%; 2019 January to November, the brand cumulative sales of 2,133,594, an increase of 1.4%, also a record high.

According to Audi, official data show that in November this year, Audi’s global sales reached 163,350, an increase of 23.1%; 1–11 months, Audi’s global cumulative sales of about 1.6696 million, an increase of 0.7 percentage.

China market leader in sales of BMW month, the fastest-growing Audi, Mercedes-Benz sales in November high innovation but bottom of the rankings

[123 ]

November BMW (including MINI) sales in China were 68,366, an increase of 12.1 percentage, January-November cumulative sales of 655,783, an increase of 13.6 percentage. Growth in the Chinese market, BMW has become the world’s major markets in the fastest growth market, and BMW deep insight into the Chinese market and user needs as well asFull respect are inseparable. BMW 5 Series will be listed on the long-term stability at the forefront of luxury car sales charts; the recently launched new BMW 3 Series and BMW X3 and other rapid-volume models have also proved this point.

Audi November sales in the Chinese market is 67,402, an increase of 16.8%; January to November, a total Audi sales in China to 618,596, an increase of 3.5%. The new Audi A6L plateau after a period of sales occurred due hot scenes, it has also become an important cause of Audi sales in China of high growth. According to data by the Federation, in November, the Audi A6 domestic sales reached 16,541, an increase of 13.6%. In addition, Audi sales help the rapid growth in China as well as the Audi Q5, which occupies the first high-end SUV, November sales charts month domestic sales of 14,100, an increase of 62.8 percentage.

Mercedes – Benz brand sales in China in November to 57,901, an increase of 11 percent. 2019 January to November, the cumulative sales in China to 640,933, an increase of 6.3%. Although the Mercedes-Benz set a record of its best November sales in China, and also achieved double-digit growth, but in terms of absolute sales or on sales on year growth rates are in the last one of the three brands. Mercedes – Benz main contribution came from domestic sales of the Mercedes-Benz C-class and E-class Mercedes-Benz, but compared with October sales of Mercedes-Benz E-Class sales in November, down more than 14 percentage. Although its main product lines in the node during the product update is one of the important reasons behind compared to the other two brand sales, but Mercedes – Benz for the Chinese market and Chinese user’s attention and respect should go further.

three German luxury car brand in the global automotive market has the absolute heavyweight status in the context of the global economic slowdown, three all brands are still able to achieve positive growth; in China, the car market is in the midst adjustment period, three German luxury brands also lead the high-end cars and high-end SUV list, even beyond other luxury car brands than one body position. Meanwhile, three German luxuryGoods in November also have achieved double-digit growth rates. In addition to the results from its strong product strength, but also demonstrated its strong brand appeal.

According to November sales data by the Federation, in the start list for the car market guide price more than 30 million

[ 123]

According to November sales data by the Federation, in the start list for the car market guide price more than 30 million

left in the last month of the year 2019, each brand all hope to seek a better position on the year-end sales report card. BMW is currently leading in the domestic total sales of nearly 15,000 Mercedes-Benz, Audi sales crown although seemingly missed the trophy, but its strong growth trend, and Audi has a strong marketing capability can not be underestimated in the Chinese market, while the year-end sales champion really Whispering someone, only to wait for next month reveal the answer. (Photo from the network)

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